Huawei’s Power S Solution to Cap Rising Electricity Costs for High Consumers by 10%

Huawei Digital Power has recently unveiled a new solution named Power S, which is designed to provide a contingency energy pack for high consumers of electricity, such as manufacturers. The Power S uses Huawei’s SmartLi technology to store between 10 and 100 kilowatts of electricity, thereby reducing electricity costs by at least 10%. The solution is expected to address the current high cost of electricity and help stabilize an unreliable grid electricity supply.

The Power S comes with a management component that enables easier troubleshooting and gives a view of how much electricity the system harvests and consumes. Moreover, it takes a very short time to implement the power backup solution, reducing the amount of space required for power backup equipment from the current average of 15 square meters to just 4 square meters.

Huawei anticipates a significant increase in the use of artificial intelligence and computing power demand by 2030, rising 30-fold and 500-fold, respectively. The company also expects Kenya’s data center market to grow at a rate of 13% and generate over Sh10 billion by 2027. The development of Power S is expected to support this trend, particularly in the manufacturing industry.

Huawei’s Power S solution is designed to provide a more cost-effective and reliable source of electricity for high consumers such as manufacturers. It is a valuable innovation that addresses the challenges of high electricity costs and an unstable grid electricity supply. With its short implementation time, management component, and space-saving design, the Power S is a powerful tool that is set to revolutionize the energy sector.


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