Kilgoris Youth Empowerment Center Enhances Digital Literacy with Computer Donation


Youth in Kilgoris Constituency have received a significant boost in their educational pursuits with the donation of ten computers and Wi-Fi connection to their youth center. This initiative, spearheaded by Member of Parliament Julius Ole Sunkuli, aims to promote digital literacy and empower youth to compete globally in the digital era.

Quick Summary:

  • Kilgoris Youth Empowerment Center receives ten computers and Wi-Fi connection courtesy of MP Julius Ole Sunkuli.
  • Objective is to enhance digital and computer literacy among youth to prepare them for global competition.
  • Sunkuli pledges further support for youth talent development, including plans for a music production studio.

Empowering Youth Through Technology:

The donation of computers and internet connectivity marks a significant step towards bridging the digital divide and empowering youth in Kilgoris. By providing access to technology, MP Sunkuli aims to equip young individuals with essential digital skills necessary for success in today’s interconnected world.

Nurturing Youth Talent:

Recognizing the diverse talents within the community, Sunkuli pledges support for youth talent development initiatives. Plans for a music production studio align with the aspirations of talented individuals in the music industry, offering them a platform to showcase their skills and pursue their passions.

Promoting Digital Literacy:

MP Sunkuli emphasizes the importance of digital literacy in accessing opportunities and services, both locally and globally. Through the youth center, youth are encouraged to enroll in computer literacy programs to enhance their skills and increase their employability in the digital workforce.

Gratitude and Aspirations:

Maureen Natumoi, an ICT facilitator at the Kilgoris Youth Empowerment Center, expresses gratitude for the donation, highlighting its significance in facilitating learning and skill development. With the addition of ten new computers, the center is poised to accommodate more learners and enhance the educational experience.

Looking Ahead:

Youth beneficiary Kevin Kosgei expresses appreciation for MP Sunkuli’s support and calls for continued investment in youth-oriented initiatives. The proposed music production studio reflects the community’s aspirations to harness and showcase local talent, thereby creating opportunities for economic empowerment.


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