Drone Space Kenya to Host Regional AI Conference: Shaping the Future of Technology


Drone Space Kenya which is the first company to introduce new drone technology ideas, plans to organize a major meeting about Drone Technology and Data Analytics. The event will take place on March 26-27 at Sarit Expo Centre in Westlands which is located in Nairobi; it promises two days of discussions with a wide range of professionals from this field as well as other innovative thinkers and businesspeople who are interested in exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI), Drone Technology, Data Analytics etc.

Quick Summary:

  • Drone Space Kenya is arranging a Drone Technology and Data Analytics Conference, to be held on March 26th and 27th in Sarit Expo Centre located at Nairobi.
  • Aimed at fostering innovation and collaboration in AI, Drone Technology, and Data Analytics.
  • In line with the government’s Bottom-Up Economic Empowerment Agenda that focuses on harnessing the potential of youth to fuel technological solutions.

Fostering Technological Innovation:

Tony Mwangi who is the Director, sees the conference as a starting point for developing technology from within that can deal with common problems in our economy. The event’s goal is to support the Bottom-Up Economic Empowerment Agenda of government and encourage involvement of youth while promoting innovation in important areas.

Embracing Artificial Intelligence:

As AI is being used in more and more areas, the conference wants to show how it changes things in many different sectors. Not only business operations but also healthcare, agriculture etc., are experiencing a revolution because of AI.

Kenya’s Readiness for AI Adoption:

Kenya’s impressive placement in the Oxford Insights Government AI Readiness Index highlights its readiness to use AI for better public service. It has gone beyond other East African countries, showing itself as a leading example for the region and confirming again its dedication towards progress and creativity through technology.

Exploring Future Directions:

AI, drone and data analysis experts will give their valuable views on upcoming tendencies and future directions. Startups can demonstrate their inventive solutions, and those participating can join in practical sessions for a real experience with high-tech.


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