Equitel Launches 5G Services in Partnership with Airtel

Equitel, the mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) under Finserve, has made waves in the telecommunications industry by announcing the launch of its fifth-generation (5G) capabilities in collaboration with Airtel, its host mobile network operator. This groundbreaking initiative marks a significant milestone in Africa’s telecommunications landscape, ushering in a new era of lightning-fast connectivity and digital empowerment for customers across the continent.

Quick Summary:

  • Equitel partners with Airtel to launch 5G services, becoming the first successful MVNO to offer 5G in Africa.
  • The initiative promises faster and more reliable connectivity, empowering businesses, communities, and individuals to thrive in the digital economy.
  • Equitel introduces 5G services across 370 locations nationwide, with plans for further expansion into densely populated areas.
  • To celebrate the milestone, Equitel offers enticing data bundle offers and bonuses to its customers.

Empowering Connectivity:

Equitel’s launch of 5G services represents a paradigm shift in telecommunications, offering customers unparalleled speed, reliability, and connectivity. By leveraging its partnership with Airtel, Equitel is democratizing access to cutting-edge technology, enabling businesses and individuals to harness the full potential of the digital age.

Nationwide Coverage:

Equitel’s 5G service is currently available in over 370 locations nationwide, including major towns like Mombasa, Nakuru, Nairobi, and Kisumu. The rollout plan includes extending coverage to residential neighborhoods, shopping centers, and central business districts, ensuring widespread accessibility to high-speed connectivity.

Seamless Transition:

Equitel prioritizes customer convenience by offering a seamless transition to 5G services. Customers with 5G-capable devices supported by 4G-LTE SIM cards can easily upgrade to Equitel’s 5G network. Dedicated Equitel representatives are available at Equity branches to assist customers in transitioning from 3G to 4G-LTE SIM cards, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Commitment to Innovation:

Finserve, Equitel’s parent company, is committed to driving innovation and financial inclusion across Africa. Through its fintech solutions and API integrations, Finserve empowers businesses and individuals to access a wide range of financial services, including mobile banking, payments, loans, and more. The Jenga API provides businesses with the tools to integrate financial services seamlessly into their platforms, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

Enhancing Customer Experience:

Equitel not only offers superior connectivity but also prioritizes customer experience through innovative services and offerings. Customers can enjoy free Equitel-to-Equitel calls, convenient mobile banking services, and access to informative content through the “my life” platform. To celebrate the 5G launch, Equitel introduces enticing data bundle offers and bonuses, further enriching the customer experience.


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