Carrefour’s Self-Checkout Service Now Available at Village Market Store

Carrefour, a major retail chain here in Kenya has brought in a new self-checkout service at its village market Mall store located in Nairobi. This new and unique technology allows customers to make their shopping process more efficient by enabling them to purchase items swiftly and easily without needing help from a cashier. The company made this smart action after experiencing positive results from using a comparable service at its Westgate Shopping Mall location last March. It shows how much the retail chain is keen to improving the experiences of their customers with such advanced methods for paying off what is bought.

Quick Summary

  • Carrefour introduces self-checkout service at Village Market store.
  • The initiative follows a successful pilot at the Westgate Shopping Mall store.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty have surged by 59% since the implementation of self-checkout services.

Enhancing Customer Experience

The decision to offer self-checkout services shows Carrefour’s dedication in using technology to enhance customer satisfaction. After starting the project t unveil self-care service at its stores, the chain has experienced a rise of 59% on how much customers were satisfied and loyal with the store. This increase shows that people like simpler and faster shopping experiences nowadays.

Insights from Christophe Orcet

Christophe Orcet, Regional Director – East Africa at Majid Al Futtaim Retail, shared his excitement on the growth of self-checkout service. As per Orcet’s words, when they first introduced the service, it was a big step for Carrefour’s business in Africa. Customers really liked how quickly they could check out items and because of that there are now many people using this method which makes shopping more effective. The Village Market store, as it is a big part of the community and already enjoyed by many people, will now have this service too. It shows that Carrefour wants to make things more convenient for its important customers.

Embracing Innovation

Carrefour Kenya is known for its proactive use of technology to improve customer satisfaction. The earlier launch of a digital loyalty program shows this commitment to innovation. By always finding and applying solutions that match changing customer requirements, Carrefour stays ahead in the retail sector’s change.

How It Works

For using the self-checkout service, customers just have to start it by touching the button that says ‘Start’ on digital screen of self-checkout counter. Then they can easily scan their items with barcode reader and finish buying them by tapping ‘Finish & Pay’. This smooth process reduces time spent waiting and improves shopping speed.

Payment Options

The self-checkout lane backs various cashless payment methods such as Mpesa, debit or credit cards and MyCLUB loyalty points. This wide selection of payment possibilities guarantees adaptability and simplicity for clients, considering their unique likings.


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