Toshiba Paves the Way for Data-Centric Future with BYODC Initiative

Toshiba, a global technology company has just taken a significant step in advocating for the construction of custom data centers utilizing high-capacity hard drives. The “Build Your Own Data Centre (BYODC)” initiative exemplifies this mission– Toshiba aims to educate system integrators and enterprises on enhancing their cloud storage capabilities and business-critical enterprise server storage systems through the utilization of these powerful devices.

Santosh Varghese, the Vice President of Toshiba Gulf FZE, spearheads this endeavor; he stresses the importance of steering the data storage channel ecosystem in a right direction. Despite many companies’ continued reliance on tape as a storage backup option—Varghese underscores—the top choice remains hard drives: they offer cost-effectiveness per gigabyte when juxtaposed against solid-state drives (SSDs).

In 2021, traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) still command the global data storage arena, accounting for nearly 63% of the total market share. Projections for 2025, however, predict a shift: SSDs are expected to lay claim to a market segment of about 16%; simultaneously, NAND flash memory will likely constitute roughly10% of the marketplace.

Foreseeing 2030: HDDs are projected to dominate the data storage market with a substantial share of 58%; however, they will gradually descend to hold only 48%. In contrast–SSDs are poised for growth, reaching up to an impressive rate of 29% while NAND chips account for another significant proportion at approximately 12%.

Toshiba commits to equip businesses effectively for harnessing high-capacity hard drives’ potential; comprehensive training opportunities will be provided. Specifically targeting sales and pre-sales teams—within system integrators and enterprises—the initiatives aim to empower them with profound knowledge: a crucial understanding of enterprise-level storage, especially regarding purpose-built hard drives.

Santosh Varghese underscored: a well-informed channel, coupled with business entities, can address specific market needs – surveillance, backup and big data storage – more effectively; this approach would ultimately propagate market growth.

The BYODC initiative extends beyond education; it proffers valuable insights and cost-effective solutions that harmonize with the continuously evolving storage landscape. It aspires–through education, channel partnerships, and enterprise alliances–to equip businesses with indispensable tools for navigating a data-driven future: optimizing costs while enhancing performance simultaneously.

Toshiba actively fosters the adoption of high-capacity hard drives; they enable businesses to build data centers – a clear demonstration of their dedication to innovation and role in shaping data storage’s future. As the technology landscape evolves, Toshiba’s BYODC initiative: it stands as a guiding beacon for enterprises, steering them towards efficient and sustainable data management solutions.


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