How to reactivate dormant NHIF card and continue using services on your mobile phone

After the novel covid-19 wreaked havoc worldwide, most Kenyans lost their jobs and some have even begun turning to the informal sector to make ends meet. One of the benefits of having a formal employment was having a form of health insurance from the state-run National Hospital Insurance Fund. For those who still want to enjoy benefits of NHIF but their cards have been dormant for a while, there’s a simple way they can reactivate their cards.

NHIF has been very important for some Kenyans who rely on the fund to access medical insurance from various health facilities across the country. And for those who haven’t yet selected their preferred outpatient facilities, the process can be achieved by using a USSD code or even via the official android and iOS app on your mobile phone illustrated in our earlier post.  

One of the requirements of having NHIF insurance when you need it is keeping the account active by ensuring timely monthly contributions are made. If you’ve missed the deadline which is usually on the 9th of every month, you can still make the contribution by paying late penalty fee following steps illustrated here.

If for some reason you’ve missed the monthly deadline to make your contribution, then follow the steps in the late payment penalty fee; however, if your card has been sitting around dormant even for more than a year, you can reactivate the card by making a payment to the NHIF by following the following steps.

How to reactivate your dormant NHIF Card;

You’ll need to make a payment of Ksh. 1,500 by following these steps;

  • On your MPESA menu, select Lipa na MPESA
  • Then choose Paybill
  • Enter NHIF MPESA paybill number: 200222
  • Under account number, key in your national ID number
  • Enter the amount: Ksh. 1,500
  • You should receive a confirmation message of the transaction.
  • You can then access their services after a period of 60 days (2months)
  • You’ll also have to continue with regular monthly contributions thereafter reactivating


  1. I stopped contributing last year February up to now. my question is this….what can I do to start contributing. also am I to pay all since last year up to now?


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