Ministry of Health Confirms Continued Use of NHIF Amid Transition to SHIF

The Ministry of Health has reassured the public that the National Health Insurance Fund is active and being used, as preparations are ongoing to introduce the Social Health Insurance Fund. Public Health Principal Secretary, Mary Muthoni, has asked Kenyans to exercise patience during this transition period.

NHIF Still Operational

To allay fears of the transition, PS Mary Muthoni assured the public that NHIF would continue to serve the public as the government works out the finer details of having SHIF. This should eliminate fear and at leave give many Kenyans who rely on the health service a sigh of relief.

“Kenyans have for long faced challenges with NHIF, and that is why President William Ruto initiated this new scheme to assist ordinary Kenyans, particularly those without jobs or with limited incomes, in accessing better healthcare” Muthoni said.

Transition to SHIF

Speaking during a church service in Gichugu, Kirinyaga County, which she said was geared to educate Kenyans on the anticipated benefits of the SHIF, Muthoni said the new scheme would ensure access to healthcare services to a wider population without discrimination.

“The Social Health Insurance scheme will be more beneficial to the public. It will ensure that health facilities are accessible to all Kenyans, especially those at the bottom of the pyramid” Muthoni added.

The transition from NHIF to SHIF follows the signing of three critical health Bills by President William Ruto, which aim to enhance the country’s healthcare system.

New Registration Process

At the beginning of March, President Ruto announced that Kenyans who were currently registered members of NHIF would have to register afresh in order to benefit from the new universal healthcare program under SHIF. This was the assurance the President gave—being part of a wider and more inclusive registration process—when the Ministry of Health and the Cabinet Secretary, Susan Nakhumicha, roll out this all-inclusive public health reorganization.

“We are going to have universal health rolled out. The ministry will announce how you shall register afresh” said President Ruto. “We will make sure that Kenyans who seek healthcare are registered and able to access medical care.”

Ensuring Comprehensive Coverage

The move towards SHIF is a component of a wider realization agenda to assure universal health coverage for all Kenyans. The government is committed to putting in place an inclusive health system that will address most of the longstanding gaps in the existing system.


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