Nairobi Expressway Launches USSD Service *819# for Convenient Access

Kenyans utilizing the Nairobi Expressway can now seamlessly make payments and access services through the newly introduced USSD shortcode, *819#. The Moja Expressway Company, a subsidiary of China Road and Bridge Corporation, announced the activation of the USSD code, providing a convenient way for users to engage with expressway services.

A statement from the company read, “Introducing the Nairobi Expressway USSD Code, *819# – a wide range of services on the go. Effortlessly check your balance, access mini-statements and many more at your convenience, all with a simple dial on your phone.”

Upon dialing *819# on their mobile phones, users are greeted with a message that reads, “Welcome to the Nairobi Expressway! Please register to continue.” The message is followed by three options: Top Up ETC, Top Up MTC, Register, or Exit.

Depending on the chosen option, users are guided through a series of steps, allowing them to access the specific services they need, ranging from topping up their accounts to registration for the Expressway.

This USSD shortcode aims to simplify the process of accessing Expressway services, offering users the flexibility to interact with the expressway without having to visit the main service center at the Nairobi Expressway Plaza along Mombasa Road.

To utilize the Expressway services, individuals must have registered either through the installation of the On-Board Unit for Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) Service or Manual Toll Collection (MTC). The MTC functions like a credit card, with periodic top-ups made through electronic payments.

Motorists using MTC receive a pass voucher at the entry point, which is then submitted at the toll station upon exit. The toll station calculates the applicable toll fees based on the entry point and distance covered.

On the other hand, those opting for the ETC service benefit from a streamlined experience. They have an On-Board Unit device, a communication tool mounted on vehicles, which facilitates quick access to the Expressway. Upon arriving at the entry point, the device is detected by the system, granting access to the expressway within minutes.

The Nairobi Expressway, designed to alleviate congestion on Mombasa Road, Uhuru Highway, and Waiyaki Way, has faced traffic challenges since its public opening. The road features 11 tolling stations, 54 toll plazas, and 54 cameras, with additional cameras positioned inside the toll plazas. Monitoring is conducted at 30-minute intervals, and a smart system detects congestion, spills, vehicle reversals, pedestrian crossings, and emergencies.

The expressway comprises 11 interchanges at strategic points, aiming to enhance connectivity and convenience for users. With 18.2km on the ground and 8.9km elevated, the expressway is a class A, four-lane dual carriageway designed for a speed of 80km per hour.


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