How to verify genuine LG products in Kenya using a mobile phone via a text message

LG is finally stepping up its fight against counterfeits in the country following in the footsteps of Samsung which had led the initiative with an easy to use text message based method that allowed customers to send a serial number of the item they intent to buy and receive warranty status within minutes. The LG authentication service is based on a mobile platform that can easily be accessed by any Kenyan from any part of the country.

The mobile service platform from LG is set to help combat the menace of counterfeit LG products that are being sold in most streets within the Kenyan capital with Luthuli leading the pack. The platform which is readily available to any consumer works by relaying regional warranty status of items through a text message is also expected to be rollout to other African countries including Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania.  

Statistics released by Kenya’s Anti-Counterfeit Authority (ACA) last year showed that close to three-quarters of Kenyans use counterfeit goods. Of that figure which rounds up to about 70 percent, 19 percent of them purchased goods knowingly while 49.6 percent claim they bought the goods because they were cheap. 17.3 percent stated they were looking for genuine items but couldn’t find and 18.3 percent were not aware of the risks posed by using substandard goods such as housefires and causing malfunctioning of other household appliances.

Earlier on in the week, tuvuti reported a similar initiative by CAK to assist consumers in detecting counterfeit mobile phones by sending their IMEI numbers to a short cord that would later return a confirmation text with phone’s model and make.

LG’s launch of a mobile platform to authenticate genuine products is part of a larger consumer education and awareness campaign by the electronics giant. LG is leading the fight on substandard products through its global initiative – “I love Genuine” campaign, that seeks to accelerate efforts to educate consumers about the effects of purchasing counterfeit or sub-standard goods, including having to replace them at shorter intervals. The move comes at a crucial time for LG to join the global fight against counterfeit products in the market especially in the wake of increased e-commerce in the electronics industry.

How to verify Authentic/Genuine LG Products

Whether it’s a new television set or a washing machine from LG, the authentication process is simple and all you need is a mobile phone;

  • First, identify the item’s model number and note it somewhere including the suffix
  • Compose a new text message on your phone with the model number including suffix such as “43LM6300PVB
  • Send the text message to a toll-free number 0700 545454
  • You’ll receive instant response from LG which comes in handy especially verification at the point of purchase
  • The mobile verification platform for genuine LG electronics is also available to anyone who bought an LG item from 2012.

Speaking on the launch of the mobile based authentication system, LG East Africa Managing Director Sa Nyoung Kim said the company prides on continuous innovation and production of genuine home appliances that make life good for customers. He added that LG was passionate about offering unique solutions geared towards our customers’ needs while placing their safety first. Furthermore, Kim acknowledged with the introduction of SMS validation system, the company hoped to not only enforce the need for quality products but also protect customers from swindlers.


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