How to pay your National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) penalties through M-PESA for self-employed Kenyans

Are you self-employed and in urgent need to settle your NHIF penalty before it’s too late? Well the process couldn’t be easier, especially after the insurer unveiled an M-PESA option to do the same. The National Hospital Insurance Fund is a government owned institution with a mandate to offer insurance cover to Kenyans. Just like most insurance companies, those who subscribe to the NHIF cover (probably anyone who’s currently employed and a few self-employed Kenyans), must contribute on a monthly basis for the cover to remain active. Those who are employed probably need not worry about penalties as in most cases, these contributions are done by the employer.

However; for self-employed Kenyans, the situation is totally different. There are various variables that come into play, for example, you might not have cash to pay for your monthly premiums in time or if it accidentally slips your attention before the deadline which is 9th of every month. It’s also important to note in case you’ve missed to send in your monthly contribution, you’ll not be able to access the cover until these penalties have been paid.

I’ve compiled a simple guide on how self-employed Kenyans can pay for their National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) penalties through M-PESA, the process is very simple and no different from the common LIPA NA MPESA transactions for those who have used them.

How to pay your National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) penalties through M-PESA

Monthly penalty for not paying on time is Ksh.250 and can be paid through M-PESA using below simple steps;

  • Go to your “MPESA” menu on your device and select “LIPA NA MPESA
  • Enter the NHIF Business number – which is 200222
  • Type in your ID Number as the account and put “y” at the end so the transactions could be treated as a penalty i.e (22997848y)
  • Enter Ksh.250 for the month defaulted
  • Enter your MPESA PIN then send
  • You’ll receive a confirmation text message of the transaction.


  1. How come I have tried to pay for my penalty but the message I receive says this. “The format of your account number was incorrect. Please try again with the correct account number”.
    I used the correct format for the payments

  2. i retired and has not made any contributions since. i want to resume contributions how do i continue?

  3. I registered for nhif as an individual, then got,employed and my employer proceed to pay through that card later I left the job,and since,one and a half year I haven’t made contribution now l want to make my card active on individual contribution. What should l do?

  4. Am not employed any more n I hv been paying my contributions since last year but when I check my account it is still saying am under the company’s name. How do I get out of the company s name.

  5. My mother is paying her monthly contribution by her self, but the contribution for August was paid late due to finance problem. What is her fate because she received a massage from code 21101 informing him that is not covered due to late payment for August. What should we do?

  6. I’m late for submitting my contribution for 3 months now,is it possible to pay for all this months penalty and contribution together? How do I do it?

    • Hi.I lost my job in november 2019 and since then I’ve not been able to pay my nhif. How much do I have to pay cause at the moment am sick and I need to get service. Kindly assist . Thanks

  7. I have paid late and firstly I have paid the penalty 250 then paid the 500 now total I have paid 750 for June is the format correct

  8. Is the deadline still on 9th with this global pandemic, I closed my shop due to the impact of the pandemic and am unable to pay my monthly contribution of July,is there any penalty or if I get 500 I just pay and continue getting the services… sick and have no cash to access medication,that my concern.

  9. The Nhif penalty payment format I.e. acct no…ID xxxxxxxxy not accepting payment. Could Nhif please confirm or otherwise.

  10. I had an unpaid month of October. I have paid plus the penalty, I am now told my contribution is in arears…
    Is this a game or what?

  11. How much will I pay for the card after a period of one year and four months and how long will it take for me to start using it again?


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