How to register for the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) online through its portal

The Kenya National Hospital Insurance fund (NHIF) made it easier for new members to enroll into the medical fund without having to visit any of their offices. This development is particularly necessary especially during this period that most Kenyan’s have been urged to observe social distancing and stay at home if possible.

New members don’t have to visit their offices or employers don’t have to submit documents as before, the same can now be accomplished through the NHIF online portal. After a successful registration, members can then start enjoying the benefits of “Super Cover”.

In my previous editorial, I’ve detailed how members can make their NHIF monthly contributions via MPESA and also how NHIF members who have defaulted payments can pay penalties using MPESA. NHIF cover is particularly important in times of need as the Fund can offload some financial burdens when settling hospital bills.

Requirements for NHIF Online Registration

While the service is available for both persons in the informal and formal sector, there are some key requirements you must meet to be eligible for the NHIF cover.

  • A copy of your National Identification card
  • A copy of your spouse’s ID card, you’ll be eligible to add a spouse if you’ve met the requirements for that.
  • Passport photo in softcopy

The online registration portal is available if you fall in either of the following groups

  • Employer
  • Employee
  • Self Employed

How to register for the NHIF Online

  • Ensure you have all the required documents as highlighted earlier in softcopy on your computer
  • Visit the NHIF online registration portal from the following link
  • Link:
  • Choose your respective category and proceed with registration


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