Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 Owners to Receive Lumia Black Update

Nokia has announced the initial rollout of Lumia Black software to Windows Phone 8 device owners starting today January 10th, the update is expected to bring a ton of new innovative apps to Nokia device owners across the globe including several tweaks in the imaging segment as well as a host new features. Lumia smartphones are powered with Microsoft’s WP8 OS which currently competes head-to-head with Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS. The OS is however not as popular as it’s two closest rivals but has a promising future considering the commendable growth experienced by its app store. Consumers had hoped to see android powered Nokia smartphone but that has remained a feeble wish especially after Microsoft acquisition.

The Lumia Black update comes with a range of new exciting features as well as improvements in the imaging segment that are expected to make your smartphone’s experience even greater. The update brings onboard completely new apps as well as updates to existing ones with exemplary features that Lumia device owners will find pleasant. Here is a list of what you should expect from the update.


  • App Folder. An interesting new feature that provides room for those who don’t like their current look of their start screen to customize it to their preference. It gives Lumia owners an option to group similar apps as well as settings into one folder, a tile on their start screen.  
  • Nokia Glance Screen 2.0. This feature allows users to keep track of information such as messages, emails and calendar on their smartphones in real-time. Social apps like Whatsapp, facebook and twitter are always visible at a glance on the screen saving you time and energy.  
  • Bluetooth LE. For compatible gadgets such as MiCoach accessories.
  • Nokia Refocus. Currently available to devices with RAM exceeding 1GB
  • Nokia Beamer. The update opens-up Nokia Beamer for use with other features such as beaming documents and presentations. Previously, users could only share photos. The update is available to phones with more than 1GB RAM.
  • Other Apps include Nokia Storyteller and Nokia Camera for arranging pictures and simplify the photo taking experience consecutively.  

According to Nokia’s Vice President of Software Program Management Samuli Hänninen, the Lumia Black update brings new imaging experience on your Lumia smartphone making it to be even more fluid. “New app folders as well as the ability to close them in a multitasker are my favorite”, he added.

How to Update Lumia Black Software on your Device.

Lumia Smartphones often check for new software updates and will notify when one is available. However, you can manually check yourself by going to Settings -> Phone update. On availability of Lumia Black for your device, you’ll be able to download and install it straight from that screen. The update is available in Kenya on Lumia 1020 and Lumia 925 as well other supported devices.


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