BimaMkononi Life Insurance Product from Pan Africa Life and Airtel Money, How it Works

BimaMkononi product came as a result of the partnership between Pan Africa Life Insurance and Airtel Money, it’s a simple mobile based life insurance cover that’s available to subscribers with Airtel money enabled devices. Bima Mkononi was launched late last year to give Airtel customers reprieve with a simplified mode of paying their insurance premiums – with an automated weekly deductions depending on the cover, subscribers can cover themselves and a family member. After taking a deeper look, we now outline just how BimaMkononi life cover works and if it’s any better than existing payment options. Mobile based payment services are gaining popularity in Kenya than anywhere in the world, and for this reason, it makes perfect sense why this partnership was inevitable for both organizations.

There are a number of mobile based payment options from the main four operators in the country; however, not all of them works in the same way and Bima Mkononi is not an exception. Popular payment services involves an account and a business number from the provider, BimaMkononi works in a quite different way – much like a subscription service. Airtel Money customers can opt in by dialing *305# then selecting BimaMkononi and their preferred language. Unlike most payment services which are confirmed by the subscriber in a certain interval i.e. on a monthly basis such as pay TV subscriptions, Bima Mkononi premiums are automatically deducted from Airtel Money accounts on a weekly basis once customers opt in.

BimaMkononi Products;

Weekly Premiums (Ksh)Cover for the Customer (Ksh)Cover for Family Member (Ksh)
  • Cover starts immediately the first premium is deducted from your Airtel account and incase a customer misses to pay, it will be deducted the next time your Airtel account is loaded.
  • To make a claim, Call MicroEnsure on 0732135131 with evidence of death and age, Pan Africa Life will pay claims in a week. MicroEnsure will also change your policy in case you need to.
  •  BimaMkononi will cover all deaths except suicide, alcohol or drugs, self-inflicted injury, terrorism, war, civil commotion or criminal activity.


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