Bing Translator App Now on Nokia Lumia Series

The famous Bing translator app which has been available on top mobile operating system platforms such as Android and iOS is now available for Lumia users. Bing translator – which has the capability to auto-translate both text and voice, was recently enabled for the Windows Phone 8 operating system which powers most of the Nokia Lumia range series. It’s a free translations service that currently supports more than 32 languages including Arabic, Spanish, English, French, Japanese, German and Chinese among others. The head of product marketing for Nokia East Africa – King’ori Gitahi, said the Bing translator app will allow Lumia users to overcome language barriers, especially when travelling to other foreign countries.

“When you’re looking at a menu, or a sign at a train station or airport in a foreign country, trying to interpret the unusual letters and words can often lead to stress and confusion. Using the camera option in this app will turn your camera’s viewfinder into a translation tool. It scans the text placed in front of it and swaps the words for ones that you’re more familiar with,” Gitahi said.

“Gone are the days of staring blankly at the menu in a foreign restaurant and relying on the pictures for reassurance. Bing Translator app is your very own personal assistant when it comes to understanding what’s being said, or what’s on the menu,” he added.

While on the camera mode, all you need to do is point the phone’s camera towards what you want to translate and get the translation instantly. You need not snap a photo on the wall and wait – its instant, real-time augmented reality translation at your fingertips.

The app works both in an online and offline mode. In order for the translations to happen, users would require an internet connection but at the same time, Bing Translator has the ability to download language packs for a number of countries, so users are advised to download these before they leave their native country.

Beyond just translating text, Bing translator app has voice functionality included and is able to translate spoken words subject to an internet connection. For those who’d love to get directions such as the nearest public toilet, there’s no need to ask somebody in a language you have no clue about as the app will avail a written version along with a speaker icon. When pressed, this will read out your translated sentence in the language you’ve selected.


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