Orange Kenya now retailing iPhone 5c from Ksh.72599 and iPhone 5s from Ksh.85699

Apple’s latest flagship devices are now available locally through Orange Kenya, the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c were unveiled by the service provider amidst increased competition in the domestic smartphone market. In a statement released to the media, Orange Kenya confirmed the developments saying Kenyans will now be able to purchase the devices from its stores countrywide. The move comes just a few months after the two flagship devices were unveiled; however, Kenyans have had to wait much longer compared to other markets except for those who opted to import from online stores. Looking at the pricing and specifications, iPhone 5s and 5c will go head to head with other premium devices such as S4 that are locally available.

Orange Kenya has priced the two devices from Ksh.72599 for the 16GB and Ksh.81699 for the 32GB model of iPhone 5c, while the more premium 5s will retail from Ksh.85699 for 16GB model and Ksh.98699 for the 32GB model. Emerging markets now account for more smartphone sales with an expected growth of more than 2 percent in 2014, while the developed nations will see a reduction in smartphone sales in the same year. According to data released by the international data corporation, Africa’s smartphone sales rose to 21.1 percent in the second quarter of 2013 accounting for more than 18 percent of the regions total mobile phone volume. Apple’s iPhone devices have struggled to cope up with other smartphones in Africa due to their pricing structure, Samsung’s current flagship device the costs almost 30 percent cheaper and has better specs including Samsung’s own innovation.

Orange Kenya’s CEO Mr. Mickael Ghossein said by launching the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s, the company was fulfilling its duty to providing innovative products, services and solutions that were relevant in the market segment while adding value proposition to the customers. He also acknowledged both the iPhone 5c and 5s would add style, convenience as well as increase variety of smartphones in the country especially with an increased uptake of smartphones in the country. Both 5c and 5s come with a 4inch screen as well as a wide variety of colors to choose from. They’ve a decent screen resolution and a wide selection of apps from the apps store.

iPhone 5c price in Kenya: 16GB model at Ksh.72599 and 32GB for Ksh.81699

iPhone 5s price in Kenya: 16GB model at Ksh. 85699 and 32GB for Ksh. 98699


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