iPhone SE in Kenya, Review, Impressions, Pricing and How to get one

Call it a blast from the past, a retro or recycled iPhone, the iPhone SE seemingly strays from Apple’s official release cycle and packs what some would view as a combination of the best from two very different iPhone models. Physically, it’s an iPhone 5s, unveiled back in the day (2013 to be specific), but it has the goodness of Apple’s latest flagship – iPhone 6s (2015 model). While it resembles a 2013 model physically, the inside is packed with 2015’s parts. Officially, Apple products have an average delay period of around 3 months from the release date to when they become available locally here in Kenya. That’s the usual norm; however, if you’re as impatient as I am, there are numerous ways you can get these gadgets once they become available in the initial markets.

I bought my iPhone SE on eBay a few weeks back at a premium price – almost same as the cost of a brand new iPhone 6, I guess that was the price I had to pay at least to own one before everyone else. It’s not like I’m complaining, in fact it was a blessing in disguise; I got the chance to test it and pass my opinion to my readers. To start with; just so you know, I have been a proud owner of an iPhone 5s until the SE, it looks exactly as my older iPhone, but boy do I like it!!! Some would say the iPhone SE didn’t deserve the attention, especially from Apple itself considering there’s a capable flagship with 3D touch plus other stuff selling alongside the SE.

Down to technical specifications, I can humbly acknowledge, the iPhone SE is a device you’d fall in love with if you currently have a 4 or lesser inch device and desire to remain within the iOS ecosystem. It comes loaded with a bumped up A9 processor, 2GB RAM and 12MP secondary camera, that’s similar in every way with its 2015 flagship sibling – meaning you’d have almost same experience in terms of speed and associated functionality such as playing games and browsing web-pages. Comparing side by side with the 5s, the upgraded processor and doubled-up RAM makes all the difference. Theoretically, the iPhone SE is twice as fast and performs just as the 6s.

As much as the internals almost resemble that of iPhone 6s, don’t even hope to get the same treat as those having the flagship, the SE doesn’t have 3D touch functionality. It has the same display panel as that found on the 5s and repair tutorials have confirmed that in fact the two displays are interchangeable.

The iPhone SE is touted to do well in emerging markets due to its considerably low price tag in comparison with other iPhone models. This doesn’t mean it’ll not be sold in developed markets, and as Apple puts it, there is a significant segment of consumers that still prefer a smaller iPhone. We don’t really know when to expect this device here in Kenya, at least from the time of this article; however, all is not lost, Kenyans can still order from online stores such as eBay and amazon. 16GB model is selling from Kshs. 42,000, while 64GB model from Ksh. 52,500.



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