Manage your System Partitions, Removable/Internal Media Partitions with EaseUS Partition Master Software

Partitioning your storage media has almost become an industry standard procedure for any individual or organization wishing to reduce data risks in case of data corruption or damage to these storage devices. A good and perhaps most common scenario can be attributed to internal computer hard drives that are loaded with the operating system on a different partition (Commonly known as system partition “drive c”), while have a separate partition for storing other information such as documents and media files. In case of data corruption on one of the partitions i.e. system files, users can easily format, erase or repair these files without tempering with files saved on a different partition within the same storage device. This example highlights just how important partitions can be. To create, resize or make any changes on partitions, you ought to have a reliable, trustable tool such as EaseUS partition master.

Another scenario that would be best handled by the EaseUS Partition Master software is when preparing a new storage device for its initial use. A good example is when adding a second drive to your computer; you’d require to format and partition if necessary before you can start storing files on it. EaseUS partition master software will not only allow users to do the above but also resize as well as repartition at a later date.

Personally, I’ve grown font of using removable media such as USB flash drives, memory cards and external hard drives due to their portability nature, and on certain occasions – partitioning them has been just as important as non-removable internal devices. To partition flash drives and other removable storage devices, you’d need a good tool such as EaseUS Partition Master. It’s available as a free tool for home users and currently supports several languages.

EaseUS Partition Master’s Key Features.

Besides allowing users to easily resize/move, merge, delete or format partitions, EaseUS partition master has several capabilities you’d hardly find within other tools out there. Below are some of these unique features;

  • Resizing partitions without losing information currently stored on them. Extending or reducing a partition’s size does not result in loss of data.
  • The partition master software allows users to merge two adjacent partitions into a bigger one without losing data.
  • Conversion of FAT into NTFS file system


EaseUS Partition Master Software is currently available for free with support of up to 8TB hard disk capacity and with capability of merging partitions. Other paid versions include; Partition Master Professional and Partition Master Server. Each has a special pricing matching enabled features. Therefore if you need to partition USB, or just want to resize an existing partition, EaseUS Partition Master is your best companion.


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