EaseUS Partition Master, lets you Migrate Windows OS to a New HDD/SSD without having to Re-install OS and Applications

As we’ve already noted in our previous post, nowadays it’s almost a pre-requisite for the IT technicians to partition both internal and external storage devices for various reasons. It could be for security reasons – which comes in handy in case of data loss or just to have specific partitions dedicated to storing various files. Most of us have already heard about the great partition software from EaseUS, it handles the three tasks (partition manager, disk and partition copy wizard as well as partition recovery wizard) adequately, I’d imagine if you are a frequent windows PC user, at some point you’d have performed one of the mentioned tasks.

Basing on the three main features of EaseUS Partition Master, the “partition manager” feature is the most commonly used, however in this case I want to highlight “the disk and partition copy wizard”. First, let’s start with who exactly needs the disk and partition copy wizard; if you have upgraded your primary drive from that of a lower storage to a larger capacity or from traditional HDD to a faster SSD or you just want to replace an old worn out hard drive with a new one and want to have the OS and applications transferred seamlessly, then this feature will come in handy.

Let’s face it, for those who’ve gone through the entire process of formatting internal drives; re-installing OS and applications, it’s quite a tedious experience, and in most cases it’s very rare to have your computer back to exact previous state with all the applications as well as updates intact.

With EaseUS Partition Master’s disk and partition copy wizard feature, nothing could be easier; after performing the entire task, you’ll retain all vital data as well as applications including updates. A good example is someone who has a system with windows 7 on an old HDD, and would like to have everything transferred to a new faster SSD. In this case, you’d have to follow the entire process to migrate windows 7 to ssd using EaseUS Partition Master’s disk and copy wizard feature.

Key points to note before performing any of these EaseUS Partition Master’s features;

  • Whether you want to partition hard drive or copy the entire partition onto a new storage, make sure you choose the EaseUS Partition Master’s edition that’s right for you.
  • Follow the required steps to achieve a seamless process

Currently, the EaseUS Partition Master Pro version is discounted by 20 percent including a free lifetime upgrade.


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