Andrew Mwanyota Lewela Appointed as New CEO of Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC)

Kenya Network Information Centre (KeNIC), which is an important part of Kenya’s digital world, has shared news about its newest appointment. From February 1st onwards, Andrew Mwanyota Lewela will take over as the CEO after Joel Karubiu resigned from his position. Lewela has more than 18 years of experience in the digital economy and public policy, making him a knowledgeable person for this job.

Lewela had a career at Sambali Group Limited before coming to KeNIC. He was an important part of developing the company’s technology and government affairs advisory practice. In his work life, he has been in different public and private roles like being with the ICT Authority, Safaricom, Oracle, International Trade Centre as well as Cellulant.

Lewela’s educational background is aligned with his vast professional experience. He holds a Master’s degree in Commerce from Deakin University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Physics obtained at the University of Nairobi. Further, Lewela possesses Graduate Diploma study in Management Information Systems from Strathmore University.

Lewela, having been made the top executive of KeNIC, is ready to create a fresh period of expansion and progress for the group. With his wide understanding and skill in the digital economy, Lewela can help KeNIC grow their services and provide good solutions to companies as well as people all over Kenya.

In a statement issued by KeNIC, Lewela is said to be an expert in the digital economy and public rules, having much knowledge in sales of software/technology, country marketing/positioning, plan-making, project control, government matters and product making. KeNIC believes Lewela can offer a special view and useful understandings for the role to help guide KeNIC into success.

And therefore, the decision to make Andrew Mwanyota Lewela the CEO of KeNIC is a good one for the organization and Kenya’s digital economy. Lewela has an impressive history and lots of experience, which makes him ready to push KeNIC ahead and guarantee its ongoing achievement.


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