How to apply and get a supplier accreditation certificate from the Kenya ICT Authority

Kenyans have increasingly started to venture into entrepreneurship opportunities especially in the supply of ICT services as well as goods. But there still remains huddles in being successful in this segment and winning bids. Capital remains the main constraint but some banks have eased up things a little with promise to finance the entire LPO.

Winning tenders and bids in the Kenya’s ICT sector largely depends on the client having faith in the ability of a supplier to meet their critical requirements. Mostly, they revert back on documentations including but not limited to past experience, credible registration documents as well as references.

The Kenya’s ICT authority devised a way to accredit suppliers in the country seeking to supply related services to the government but can as well be used by private companies. The authority is tasked by accrediting and maintaining a register of Government ICT suppliers.

Amongst its many functions, the Kenya ICT authority may remove the name of an ICT supplier from the register if the supplier has been debarred from participating in a procurement process under any legislation or received written complaints from any government agency in regards to the contractors’ performance. For this reason, it has become very prudent for a supplier in Kenya to have these certifications as it can stand in the way of a successful bid or losing a bid in both private and government sector.

How to get the supplier accreditation certificate:

  • You’ll need to head over to the website and download form ICTA/STD/CTR/F001
  • Fill the downloaded form and attach the following documents;
  • Company Profile
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Companies Act/ Permit
  • Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) Compliance Certificate
  • Curriculum Vitae, university certificate, national ID copies and KRA pin for all of all directors
  • Past Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) and Recommendation Letters
  • the recent bank statement from the last financial year together with the audited accounts of the same
  • partnership certificates, if any
  • A Bound document with all the requirements listed above is sent to the ICT Authority Standards Department on the Telposta Towers, 23rd Floor.
  • Once the document is received, accreditation is done within one week
  • The Certificate is picked in person by the client or by a designated company representative, after the one week



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