Showmax Offers an Extra Month of Streaming for Free in New Campaign

Showmax, an online subscription video-on-demand service that many people enjoy, has shared a fresh campaign to please its followers. Starting on February 1st, 2023, Showmax presents a second month of viewing without charge for those who pay one month’s worth of service. This deal is valid for both Showmax and Showmax Mobile plans and can be utilized by new as well as returning subscribers.

The offer has thrilled Yolisa Phahle, who is MultiChoice Connected Video’s CEO. She said, “We’re making Showmax for real so people can watch anytime, anywhere at a great price. And now on Showmax, even with our lowest data setting, 1GB can last up to 10 hours.” This deal aligns with the company’s goal to provide global standard entertainment that is easier and cheaper for fans of streaming services.

As the new campaign of Showmax emerges, subscribers are given the opportunity to view the latest seasons. The Real Housewives of Durban is back with season 3. In addition, Single Kiasi, a drama series from Kenya discussing three women managing their relationships and careers in Nairobi, commences its second season at this period also. Showmax contains continuously running shows too, like the Ghanaian documentary-reality series called “My Perfect Funeral” and Nigeria’s telenovela named “Wura.”

Additionally, Showmax enables episodes to be downloaded onto mobile devices for viewing when not connected to the internet – this even includes the popular telenovela The Wife. With such a feature, people can enjoy their preferred shows no matter their location or access to online services.

The deal is active starting from February 1st until March 3rd, 2023. It will be offered in all markets across Africa with the exception of Showmax Pro and Showmax Pro Mobile plans.


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