How to send someone a “please call me” text message on Safaricom, Telkom and Airtel networks

Mobile service providers in Kenya have a nifty network feature that allows subscribers to alert their friends and family members to call them back through a text message. The feature which is popularly known as “Please call me”, is available on all networks that operate in the country; Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom Kenya.

The Please call me facility is especially useful when you don’t have enough airtime credit on your phone to initiate a call of send a text message, yet you have some important message to communicate. It can also be used in times of emergency when you need help but don’t have enough credit to call or send a text message.

We have come up with a guide that subscribers on the Safaricom, Airtel and Telkom network can follow to send someone a please call me back text message. There are no charges for the facility and can be initiated on any type of mobile phone. You don’t need an app installed or access to the internet.

How to send someone a Please Call Me Back text message on Safaricom network

  • On your phone’s dial pad, press “*130*” followed by the recipient’s number such as *130*0722222222# then press “call”
  • The recipient should receive a text message with the word “Please Call me”.
  • Users can send up to 5 please call me text messages free of charge.

How to send a Please call me text on Airtel Kenya network

  • On your phone, dial *100#
  • Then select “Kopa and other services” from the menu
  • You’ll be requested to put the recipient’s mobile number
  • You should receive a text message notifying you about a please call me request send to the receiver

How to send a please call me text on Telkom Kenya network

  • On your dial pad, press *100#
  • Then choose “Products and Services” from the menu items
  • Proceed to select “Please Call me” option from the items
  • When prompted, enter the recipients mobile phone number
  • You’ll receive a notification that a please call me text has been send to the number


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