Telkom Kenya’s Home Plans, here is what you need to know and how you can subscribe

There is no secret that Telkom Kenya has been for a long time my go to mobile service provider whenever my unlimited fiber internet is misbehaving, or I’m just heading somewhere that doesn’t have any fixed line internet available. Telkom might be lagging when it comes to mobile money – big-up to Safaricom’s MPESA, or attractive call rates – Airtel seems to be exceling here; to be fair, they’ve got some really nice data offering and strongly believe they have the best in the industry.

The mobile service provider has some interesting home data plans you really need to have a look if you are on the market for an overall best fit to supply internet for your needs. Unlike the likes of Zuku, Fiba and liquid Telkom, Telkom Kenya’s home data plans rely on its 4G platform rather than a fixed fiber connection. Safaricom kind of uses both and Airtel Kenya has something they’re MiFi which is closer to Telkom’s technology.

What you’ll need to utilize Telkom home data offers

You’ll therefore need to have some basics to be able to subscribe, such as an active sim card and of course a home-based router. While you may use your own 4G capable router, it’s strongly advised to get the Telkom branded one. Once you’re all setup, you’ll receive 10GB free data valid for one month.

Telkom Kenya home data plans

  • 5GB valid for 30 Days – Ksh. 250
  • 12GB valid for 30 days – Ksh. 1,000
  • 30GB valid for 30 days – Ksh. 2,000
  • 50GB valid for 30 days – Ksh. 3,000
  • Unlimited GB valid for 30 days – Ksh. 4,000
  • 100GB valid for 90 days – Ksh. 6,000

How to subscribe to Telkom home data plans

  • On your phone, dial *222#
  • Then follow prompts

Friendly usage policy for the unlimited plan;

  • Less than 6GB per calendar day – normal speed
  • Between 6GB and 10GB per calendar day – 1MPS reset at midnight
  • More than 10GB per calendar day – 512KBPS reset at midnight

Capped at cumulative usage of 400GB per billing month


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