How to check how much you have in your KCB bank account using a mobile phone

Checking your account balance has never been easier, especially after several financial institutions in the country embraced the use of USSD codes. The Kenya commercial bank in particular has a simple way that customers can query how much balance they have in their accounts right on their mobile phones.

By utilizing USSD code, customers don’t necessarily need to have a smartphone or install an app of any kind. Any type of phone such as the commonly referred to as “kabambe” which is another word for a feature phone can access the bank’s services by using USSD code option.

How to check your KCB account balance on your phone

This service requires that you are already subscribed to KCB Mobi bank which essentially gives the necessary credentials to access your account on phone.

  • On your phone, dial *522#
  • You’ll be prompted to enter your PIN. Enter then press on OK
  • Select “My Account” from the menu
  • On the next screen, choose “Balance Enquiry
  • You’ll receive a text message with your bank account balance.


  1. This method doesn’t work. It keeps on telling me invalid pin and I am sure that is the one. I can actually access it through Vooma so it’s the correct one.

  2. Hey the time I opened the account they never gave a pin ,its hard for me to check my account balance through the phone plzz help me to get the pin

    • the charges for *522# are rather expensive and customer care persons keep insisting one uses it. considering that there are relatively high charges at every step of utilizing USSD method it disturbing and in time of emergence, kcb will fail here

  3. KCB Customer care persons are imcompetent and barely help especially with mobile banking, internet banking and app banking their apps are slow and unresponsive..

  4. I can’t see my account balance and its not the same it’s used to be before…. It’s like the system has changed because I’m trying to check my account balance but only showing linked account… Linked card please need assistance on this please

  5. Hello KCB Bank,
    This method *522# doesn’t work! Keep on telling me invalid pin
    Please give us other option!
    From Bujumbura

  6. Am experiencing the same when I dial *225# the menu doesn’t appear even am not able to withdraw cash or buy airtime do something

  7. What is the problem with kcb this week
    It’s like they change the method of checking balance kindly make arrangements for proper customer services

  8. Hey what’s wrong with kcb nowdays? I can’t get any confirmation sms after transactions ,kind check on that

  9. *522# takes me directly to vooma. I want my account balance not vooma. Please fix this or give correct directions

  10. Kcb M banking services are crap they will put you in a line only to waste your time you wont get any help.Its unreasonable

  11. This KCB does not work at all when.I dial *522# yet I have enough credit it keeps on on saying invalid pin,,,,,

  12. Hey the time I opened the account they never gave a pin ,its hard for me to check my account balance through the phone please help me to get the pin

  13. I created an account( kcb bank Eldoret) with you on Friday 23rd July.I was told I will receive a pin for my mobile banking. As at now I haven’t received any pin? I have tried checking my balance it is not giving any feedback. I tried calling customer care they seem to be useless. Please check

  14. Comment:idon’t experience convenient services at kcb bank anymore it keeps telling me invalid pin yet it’s correct when i dial *225# please check on that

  15. Seens I register kcb bank account I didn’t have pin and I want to know account balance even how can I know if active

  16. I registered kcb in September and for now I need to check my account balance but it’s giving me about vooma option instead of my account, need your assistance please

  17. My mobile banking is not working can’t even send money to mpesa why??? I visited KCB kisumu branch ,I was told to wait for 3 days…its now two weeks!!!
    Need help


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