How to Open and use KCB’s M-Benki Account from your mobile phone

Amidst increased uptake of mobile based banking solutions by Kenyans, KCB launched its latest mobile based banking solution dubbed M-Benki that allowed customers to open and operate their personal bank accounts using a mobile phone. Competition for innovative and customized banking solutions has gained momentum over the past few months forcing more providers to adapt mobile based platforms that allowed customers to access several banking products without having to physically visit banking halls. M-Benki which operates on KCB Mobi Bank platform will allow non KCB customers to easily open their bank accounts right from their cellphones. The move makes it easier for Kenya’s unbanked population to access formal banking products at their convenience.

KCB’s Group CEO Mr. Joshua Oigara acknowledged the innovation will accelerate the organizations’ penetration to the unbanked population within the country as they’ll need not visit a KCB branch to open an account. Since Mshwari was unveiled to the most recent PESAMOB product from Family bank, it’s almost clear just how much the banking sector has realized consumer’s thirst for tailored and easily accessible solutions.

How to Open a KCB’s M-Benki account

There are two ways mobile phone users can open an M-Benki account; either through Safaricom’s Mpesa product or using a USSD command.

  • Using a USSD Command
  • From your handset, Dial *522# then press the call button
  • Follow the appropriate menu options to complete the service
  • Navigate to ‘SIM TOOLS’ (android phones) or whichever that is applicable to access the Mpesa menu.
  • Choose the ‘PAYMENT SERVICES’ menu then select ‘PAY BILL’ option and enter ‘522522’ as the business number.
  • On the account option, put your ‘ID’ number without spaces and the amount you intent to deposit.
  • Enter your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction.
  • On confirmation, you’ll receive two text messages; one with your M-Benki account number and the other with your ‘User ID and PIN’
  • Through Mpesa option

Here is how to Deposit and withdraw money from your M-Benki account

  • You may opt to deposit (free) or withdraw (normal charges apply) at any KCB Mtaani agent or
  • Deposit using your Mpesa account to M-Benki account in which case you’ll now use your M-Benki account number instead of ID (used only to open an account).

Other services available on an M-Benki platform

  • Checking account balances and mini-statements
  • Transfer cash to other accounts within KCB or other banks
  • Sending money to and from Mpesa accounts
  • Buying airtime, daily transaction limit is set at Kshs.140,000.


  1. Hello, nifunguwa Mbeki account na nikaletewa account number but pin cikupata, kama kuna vile naweza saidika nitashukuru sana

  2. Comment:please I open my m benki account and it was successfully opened and I have did some deposits but the problem is that I didn’t receive any pin number for further transaction what can I do?


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