How to Apply and bid for Treasury Bills and Bonds through Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD)

A mobile based platform that gives Kenyans access to apply and bid for government treasury bills and bonds has been unveiled by the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK). The new service dubbed Treasury Mobile Direct(TMD) utilizes mobile phone technology to aggregate vital features that will enable retail investors as well as individuals invest in government securities right on their mobile devices.  

According to the government’s fiscal agent, the new platform – Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD) will improvise and make it easier for transactions of amounts ranging from Ksh. 140,000 and below, which currently is the daily transaction limit for most mobile wallets such as Safaricom in Kenya. This development basically eliminates common bureaucracies involved in trading in government securities and gives a chance to trade in them to the entire Kenyan mass.

In a CBK notice to investors, the bank stated it was pleased to roll out the Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD) services designed in facilitating investment in Government Securities using the mobile telephone. Retail investors have been applying for the debt instruments on physical forms that are delivered to CBK branches and currency centers.

After filling out the physical forms, investors were further required to contact the financial body to confirm if their applications were successful and the amounts they are to pay. The alternative was for them to hire banks to apply for the securities on their behalf. The lenders charged a commission of 0.15 percent of the actual amount invested in a bond or T-bill. Furthermore, they’ve had to rely on CBK’s website and newspaper advertisements for announcements of new T-bill and bond auctions.

In contrast, Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD) will now aggregate all these services and others including request of statements and receipt of the cash value of maturing securities.

Requirements to register for the CBK Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD) service

  • Active CDS account at the Central Bank of Kenya
  • An Active Mobile Line
  • Registered member of a Mobile Network Provider (MNOs)
  • Duly complete Registration form
  • Investors are required to dial *866# and follow the steps After notification of registration

How to access the Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD) service

  • To register and start using the Treasury Mobile Direct (TMD), investors are required to register at the nearest Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) Branch or Currency Centre. Or access the registration form for TMD available here

Advantages of CBK’s TMD Service

  • As an investor, you’ll be able to Apply and bid for Treasury Bills and Bonds
  • Get notifications of bid outcomes
  • Access your Account balance
  • Status of alerts for sales or purchases in the secondary market


  1. I registered for TMD and I get alerts but I am unable to use the service to pay for TBILL.Must I now come at central bank or where am I going wrong?


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