How to check your remaining Telkom Kenya data bundle balance on your phone

Telkom Kenya has some of the best priced data offers here in Kenya, I’ve been very font of their night time data offers whenever I don’t have access to unlimited Wi-Fi network as this basically meets my needs at rock-bottom cost. For a meager Ksh. 60, you’re able to get 700mb daytime data plus 700mb night time data that has since been revised to be active from 10:00pm to 6:00am. And if you really don’t need that much data and would rather use some voice calls instead, the telco provides an option of instead getting 700mb data and free Telkom to Telkom calls for Ksh. 50.

 You can have a look at Telkom’s night time data offers here which are activated from 10:00pm to 6:00am. With social distancing directives taking effect and most employers opting to have employees work from their homes, Telkom is surely on top when looking for a reliable, affordable data provider here in Kenya. While Safaricom might boast of enormous customer base and soon selling a fibre based solution to homes, the provider has very expensive rates in comparison.

There are a couple of ways you can check your remaining data balance on the Telkom Kenya network but will be highlighting two of the methods using a USSD code. While the mobile service provider has made it easier to purchase data bundles, and you can do so even using MPESA as illustrated here, checking your remaining data is a bit hidden with two available options for home users and regular subscribers.

How to check Telkom data balance – Home users

  • On your phone dial *544#
  • Then respond with 7 for next options
  • Select Check Data Balance
  • And tap on send
  • You can also use *100#
  • Then select Data bundles
  • Then reply with 7 for next options
  • And lastly select Check Data Balance

How to check data balance for regular subscribers

  • Dial *100#
  • Then select My account
  • And lastly My balance
  • You should receive a notification of remaining airtime as well as data bundles.



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