Telkom Kenya’s night and #StayWoke data bundles explained and how to subscribe

When Telkom Kenya introduced data packages that included free night bundles, subscribers didn’t really understand how they could utilize the free night bundles alongside their regular data subscriptions. Night time data packages are automatically activated when Telkom prepaid subscribers purchase any of the Mzito data packages or the freedom daily data package. Telkom’s free night data bundles are activated automatically having met any of the stated requirements between 10:00am and 6:00am.

Night time data bundles except the specified #StayWoke plans are awarded as an addon when Telkom subscribers opt into any of the Mzito packages or the freedom daily offer. Meaning, you still have to be on an active Mzito data plan or the freedom daily plan to activate the free night data bundles. The are a couple of freebies that come alongside including free WhatsApp and, in some cases, free minutes for Telkom-to-Telkom calls.

There are a few restrictions though on just how much data you’ll be allowed to consume under free night data bundles at optimal speeds. This is understood to be a measure aimed at curbing abuse on the network. You’ll be allocated a maximum of 10GB free night data at optimal speed before the fair usage policy kicks in and throttles speeds to prevent abuse. Furthermore, depending on the regular package you’ve signed up for, free night time data bundles are limited for a certain number of days.  

When Telkom unveiled these data packages sometimes last year, the CEO Mugo Kibati mentioned the packages had been innovatively designed to meet unique needs of customers, in line with the telco’s goal of building a holistic network that delivers value, fast speeds, capacity, quality and reliability.

Telkom has been steadfast in increasing 4G coverage within the country, partnering with Google to launch loon balloons that are expected to open up remote areas within the country to high-speed 4G broadband internet. The current timing has never been so critical with most organizations in the country heeding the government’s directive on social distancing and opting to allow staff work from home.

How to enjoy Telkom free night data bundles

  • Telkom subscribers can enjoy free data bundles between 10:00am and 6:00am by subscribing to any of the current Mzito data bundles just by dialing *544#
  • Carry out lightweight activities during regular periods and leave heavy downloads for free night bundles.

How Telkom subscribers can purchase subsidized 5GB night (#StayWoke) data bundles

  • From the Telkom app or dial *544# then select “#StayWoke” data bundle to subscribe, you can as well subscribe through the Telco’s website.

How much Telkom Kenya’s 5GB night data bundles cost?

This bundle will be charged at Ksh50 daily, and will be active between 10:00am and 6:00am. After the 5GB, subscribers’ will be charged Ksh 4.30 per MB.


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