How to load funds in your Uber Cash wallet using MPESA

Taxi hailing app Uber has unveiled the Uber Cash digital wallet facility across various territories in Africa including Kenya thanks to its partnership with a San Francisco based – Nigerian fintech firm Flutterwave. The move allows Uber riders to load cash directly into their digital wallets prior to requesting a ride.

Having its own dedicated wallet is anticipated to reduce the amount of fraud Uber drivers have recently engaged in as earlier revealed by tuvuti. Drivers just like many people out there have engaged in fraudulent activities to escape paying Uber its fair share of the trip amount and often hide the number of trips a driver has made to the owner of the vehicle during this difficult economic time.

 You can top up your account using various methods including EFT but MPESA is set to appeal to many Kenyans as the service is widely used across the country. The latest feature to allow customers load their Uber Cash digital wallets is set to complement MPESA payments where instead of sending money to the driver’s phone number, riders can just have their wallets loaded in advance and make the payment after every ride.

Furthermore, Uber’s decision to add its own digital wallet will heed to the government’s appeal for Kenyans to avoid using cash in transactions as a move aimed at curbing the spread of corona virus. The feature is expected to work more or less like Swvl which has its own wallet that allows customers to load funds through MPESA.

How to load funds into your Uber Cash wallet via MPESA

  • To load funds, launch the Uber application on your mobile phone
  • Head over to “Payment”
  • At the very top, you’ll see “Uber Cash” amongst other options (Google Pay) and Cash
  • Tap on “Add Funds”, and choose from the available amount (between KES500, KES1000 or KES2000) you intent to top up with
  • Then tap on “Purchase” You should get a prompt on your MPESA phone asking to input your MPESA PIN
  • After confirming, the amount should be loaded to your wallet and subsequently get a confirmation message from MPESA

The digital wallet is also set to remove one of the most annoying aspect of paying in cash – there won’t be need for change as the trip amount will directly be deducted from your wallet.



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