Mwalimu Sacco Unveils Cutting-Edge Mobile Banking Solution with Launch of MwalimuHELA App

Mwalimu Sacco, a leading lender to teachers and other members, has launched its new mobile banking solution, MwalimuHELA. The app intents to provide a quicker, easier, and safer banking experience to its members through the convenience of their mobile devices. It comes as the lender turns to technology to improve its service delivery and boost the uptake of financial services.

MwalimuHELA is an interactive mobile application with enhanced functionalities that enable faster loan repayment through M-Pesa and savings accounts. The app also offers other essential features such as deposit and loan accounts, mobile loan eligibility and checking, and internal fund transfers. It means that members can perform all their banking activities from their mobile phones without visiting a physical branch.

The CEO of Mwalimu Sacco, Kenneth Odhiambo, stated that the organization is living in an era of the digital revolution, and its IT governance framework must support the strategic intent in demonstrating its value proposition to members. He added that the launch of MwalimuHELA is a promise and a desire to steer Sacco in re-engineering its brand and committing to selfless leadership that its members can trust and live the financial inclusion dream.

Mwalimu Sacco is leveraging technology to offer its members a seamless, swift, and secure banking experience. With the introduction of MwalimuHELA, Sacco aims to stay ahead in the fast-paced digital landscape while upholding its promise of financial inclusivity for its members. This innovative app is poised to transform the banking experience for teachers and other members, simplifying the management of their finances and facilitating access to essential services.



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