How To Use Kenya Power’s Self-Reading Meter Service To Submit and Recieve Your Actual Bill

Kenya Power has set big goals to make customers happier and solve problems with its billing systems. KPLC wants to grow the postpaid customer group that reads their own meters from 145,000 to 200,000 before this financial year ends. The goal will be reached by starting a self-reading service, which can be accessed using the USSD Code *977#.

The service for reading by oneself lets customers who pay afterwards sign up, so they can check their own meters when the billing period is completed and provide these numbers to generate bills that are correct. The service is expected to make KPLC customers happier because it gives them precise bills right on time and stops guesswork in the bill amounts. It also gives customers more control over their electricity consumption and billing.

How to self-Read your KPLC Meter

  • To submit your monthly meter reading, dial *977#
  • And select 2. “Postpaid Services”
  • Then 4. Self-Reading and
  • then add your account number.
  • If your reading period is closed, you will be advised when to submit your readings.

There are currently 2.1 million customers on postpaid billing and 6.8 million on prepaid billing (tokens). The USSD Code also enables prepaid customers to retrieve their last three purchased tokens, report power outages, confirm the authenticity of Kenya Power staff, and track the progress of their connectivity application.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kenya Power, Vivienne Yeda, has emphasized the company’s commitment to fostering an innovative environment and providing the highest quality and reliability in customer service. The goal is to deliver better customer outcomes, which will ultimately drive electricity demand for future generations.

The *977# platform recorded an average of 1.6 million customer transactions per month in the last financial year. Kenya Power aims to increase this to an average of 2 million by the end of the current financial year. It shows the company’s commitment to technology to provide more convenient and efficient customer service.


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