How to stop receiving Kenya Power bill text SMS notifications

When Kenya’s sole power distributor KPLC introduced text-based bill notifications, it basically re-invented the entire process of receiving power utility bills making it easier for customers to make early arrangements on paying them. The process involved customers registering for the service through a USSD code to receive electricity bill either on their mobile phones or email address.

Traditionally, Kenya power customers had to wait several weeks before they could receive their monthly bills through the postal service, it meant customers had to wait and keep checking in their postal boxes to see whether their bills had been sent. Today, the process is done right on the mobile phone and customers can even go ahead and make payments through mobile wallets such as MPESA.

The main challenge with registering for an SMS or email notification indicating the amount due rests in the nature of Kenya’s urban setup where most customers are actually tenants and are bound to move from one house to another. A good example is a school teacher who used to work in a school within Nairobi but has now been transferred to Mombasa. If the teacher registered to receive text messages using the previous house meter number, he/she will continue receiving those notifications even after moving to a new house with a new meter.

It can sometimes be a nuisance and in rare cases confuse customers on which meter accounts they’re actually supposed to make the payment. Assuming you’ve moved from a few houses and both meters are registered under your names, these notifications could be alarming.

There’s however a simple way-out if you no longer desire to receive text message notifications from a meter that is not associated to you. You can simply deregister yourself from the respective kplc mobile meter reading notifications and stop any further kplc bill sms.

And just like you can register for the KPLC bill sms service or request for your monthly bill through a short cord, you can opt out of any SMS bill notifications through a USSD code.

How to stop Kenya Power (KPLC) bill SMS notification

  • On your mobile phone, dial *551# or dial *997# or Call 97771
  • Then select deregister if you’re using any of the above USSD codes
  • Then follow prompts
  • Otherwise if you call using 97771, ask for deregistration, provide meter number and mobile phone number.
  • You could also send the power distributor a private message via social network but it takes some time if they ever respond.


  1. Stop sending messages to my number 0720310376 account nb 50004522 please. They are tu much around 250 messages

  2. Please stop sending sms notification for bills for account no 39294046 to Mobile no 0720785577. I have contacted your staff to address this countless times. That account belongs to someone else.

  3. Stop sending bill messages to my phone am not Felix oduor and I don’t know him. Wrong number. Am sac 28862286 my number is0723653436

  4. Please stop sending sms alerts for A/c 45620596 on 0720410384. That account belongs to someone else now.

  5. Am no longer user of this account Dear SIMON NGUGI MBUGUA
    Bill Dated:29-08-2021
    Active Meter – Rdg:18876
    Prev Rdg:18817
    Units:59 kWh
    Cons:Ksh 812.43
    Fuel Cost & Levies:323.07
    Monthly Bill:Ksh 1,054.00
    Prev Bal:Ksh 281.53
    Total:Ksh 1,335.53
    Due Date:13-09-2021
    Thank You.

  6. I am no longer user for account ELITE TOOLS LTD
    Bill Dated:01-10-2021
    Active Meter – Rdg:71351
    Prev Rdg:69436
    Units:1915 kWh
    Thank You.


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