How to retrieve your last purchased KPLC tokens on your phone in case you didn’t receive a text

A common issue faced by majority of Kenyans on KPLC’s prepaid platform often emanates when someone faithfully buys token using various methods such as MPESA but fail to get the token message from the power utility provider. This can happen as a result of varying reasons such as technical hitches on the KPLC’s side or maybe your phone somehow failed to receive the message for reasons specific to the phone or an issue with the service provider. Either way, Kenya Power has finally provided an ample method you could retrieve up to three (3) of your last purchased tokens.

The process to retrieve your last purchased tokens is based on a USSD code, meaning you don’t have to use a smartphone, neither do you need internet connection. With a simple mobile phone that has enough credit to access the service, you can easily access tokens from your previous purchase. All you need is your KPLC prepaid account number that is subject to the tokens to access purchased tokens in minutes.

Most city dwellers in Nairobi for example have usually purchased KPLC prepaid tokens using various methods such as MPESA, from mobile banking apps and so forth. And in most cases, these transactions are completed successfully with a text message being sent from the power utility company containing the specific token code to be entered in respective prepaid meters. However, in some rare instances, customers can purchase the service and end up waiting in vain for the text message to arrive. This has often prompted prepaid customers to initiate calls to the customer care center who mostly are busy and only in rare circumstances be reached.

Here is how to retrieve your last 3 purchased KPLC tokens

  • On your mobile phone, dial *977#
  • Go to “Prepaid Services
  • And select “Latest Token
  • Enter your Prepaid meter account number
  • Then Press “Send


  1. Desperately need to load delayed token of 400 shs.purchased this morning.meter no. 37182319287. Had to purchased emergency token through vendit of 90 she. Fed up with kplc!!!

    • I hate this kplc everytime I purchase tokens I can’t receive them,kplc you better do something,I wish there was another company,this monopoly has made you guys incovenient

  2. I bought token today at 9:00 in the morning for 700/= and up to now have not gotten my token message back

  3. My account meter is 14253326467 until I had to by another one of 100/= but for 700/= it did not bring me messages

  4. I did not get the token number for this transaction
    ,please help , 0728339776
    OIP1VDR3I9 Confirmed. Ksh400.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 37173550825 on 25/9/20 at 9:28 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh21.64. Transaction cost, Ksh23.00. Amount you can transact within the day is 294,022.00.

  5. Comment:I bought token today at 2.03pm for 45/= and have not gotten my token meter number is 14251555372, please help

  6. I bought token today at 470 shillings at 7:52 p.m for account 37174809766 and have not gotten my message till now.kindly assist

  7. I bought token today at 470 shillings at 7:52 p.m for account 37174809766 and have not gotten my message till now.kindly assist

  8. I bought token yesterday at 10:31p.m for account 37164642631 and till now haven’t received the message ,please help

  9. I bought tokens of worth kshs 100 yesterday at 10:26Pm 19/10/2020 . To date have not received my tokens. Am trying to call all KPLC customer care contacts but am getting any assistance. are these the services we should be getting really? KPLC come clean and respond to your customers .

  10. Good Morning,

    I bought tokens for the wrong meter number, kindly assist me reverse the transaction.

    KPLC Token
    MtrNo: 04214962849
    Token: 3517-7601-7913-2834-5346
    Date: 2020-11-01 07:30:46 +0300
    Units kWh:121.51
    Amount Ksh:2000.00
    Token Amount Ksh:1215.19
    VAT: 237.35
    Fuel Energy Charge: 311.07
    Forex Charge: 130.39
    EPRA Charge: 3.64
    WARMA Charge: 2.73
    REP Charge: 60.75
    Inflation Adjustment: 38.88.

  11. I have bought token of 500 today and no massage. I have trying to coll customer care but I can’t get them my token is 37150785949

  12. I am not getting my token number messages and for about an hour now l have not received a message and when I call the computer says my account number is invalid! Why this unnneccesary inconvenience?

  13. Bought tokens worth 500/= three hours ago for meter number 14240506379. Still waiting for token message and in darkness. What could be the problem.

  14. I’ve tried to retrieve my token message that I paid yesterday for account no 14244232170 through *977# but I cant and instead my credit is deducted over and over again.Please help.

  15. I bought tokens like 30minutes ago and still no message received I have dialled *977# they are telling me to try again later and my credit keeps been deducted this is so frustrating

  16. I have accidentally deleted my mpesa and token message. I have tried to use *977# but its not working. Please help out. My meter number is 37168909796.

    • Purchased Token for account number 04215216799 and checked results using code*977# but no reply yet

  17. No token for this transaction help please. OLP2YFZUVM Confirmed. Ksh100.00 sent to KPLC PREPAID for account 37169383850 on 25/12/20 at 8:55 PM New M-PESA balance is Ksh5,118.37. Transaction cost, Ksh0.00. Amount you can transact within the day is 299,020.00.

  18. Purchased Token for account number 04215216799 and checked results using code*977# but no reply yet

  19. So it has been complains everywhere!!!
    Kplc you need to do something. I purchased token for this account 37180641104 and no message. When I check latest token through *977# the only token Iam getting are already used. Kindly help out


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