Ride hailing app – Bolt bets on electric cars with addition on its fleet

Just days after the likes of KPLC and KenGen announced plans to build electric car charging points in various places here in Kenya, taxi hailing app – Bolt has now announced plans to introduce electric vehicles on its fleet. The move to vehicles that emit zero gases seems to be slowly taking shape here in Kenya, especially with the government reducing taxes on fully electric cars imported into the country.

According to Bolt, its adoption of electric vehicles is expected to boost its mission to climate friendly business. The taxi company says it will rollout eco-friendly vehicles here in Nairobi before expanding to other towns within the country. Currently, Nairobi city boasts of more electric cars on the road, more than any other town in the country. Some taxi companies such as Nopea Ride are also utilizing eco-friendly cars such as the Nissan Leaf.

Speaking on the move, Bolt Kenya country manager Ola Akinnusi acknowledged that introducing electric vehicles on its fleet would be a step forward in ensuring the company’s business practices are environmentally conscious in the city as well as its ecological footprint.  

Ola further said the company’s core business is to provide reliable, safe and affordable transportation services to everyone, and the latest development would make it smarter while offering Kenyans with options for a smarter city.

Nopea ride boats of 100 percent electric cars on its fleet, cutting down on carbon foot-print while also giving drivers more profits in reduced operational costs. While electric vehicles are still relatively expensive here in Kenya, the technology is by far more affordable than fuel.


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