Pokémon Go; How to Play, Where to find and catch them(PokéStops) in Kenya

Still longing to play the world’s most popular game or just wondering the best locations to find Pokémon here in Kenya? Well, now you can join the rest of the world in catching those Pokémon whenever you’ve got chance. As hard as it may seem, there’s plenty of places you could easily locate and catch Pokémon, needless to mention the Pokémon Go App is now downloadable here in Kenya from the App Store for iOS devices and Play Store for android devices. Since the launch of the Pokémon Go game, Kenyan’s were left as spectators while the rest of the world drowned in the Pokémon craze. We anxiously watched and listened how gamers in western countries could hardly resist the urge to enjoy this game even at work places. We’ll if you were one of those anxious gamers but haven’t already downloaded the app, consider checking it out from the respective app store.

Previously, the only way Kenyans could get the app on their android smart phones was by downloading the APK from third party links and installing on their devices as “from Unknown sources” – something that’s still popular on the android platform. However; as of this writing, it’s no longer necessary since the app can now be downloaded from official sources. There’s no argument, Pokémon Go is ridiculously popular. In the game, there’s plenty of activities players can take advantage of; be it battling at the Gyms, evolving your creatures or just using the items, unlike traditional mobile games, Pokémon Go is done in the real world. Essentially, this means instead of telling your avatar where to go to find Pokémon, you have to be actually walking in real world with your device.

Basic fundamentals that make Pokémon Go so popular include the fact it’s not that difficult to play, and with a simple approach, besides catching those Pokémon, the real pleasure comes while exploring the real world with friends, checking out beautiful historical monuments that are mostly used as PokémonStops and making new connections in your neighborhood with other would-be Pokétrainers. For newbies, it’s always a good idea to learn about the game before diving into the craze. This icludes but not limited to knowing the world, it’s mechanics, and how to access you Pokédex e.t.c. the game can be signed-up for with either of the two (Google account or create a Pokémon Trainer club account) methods.

How to sign-up and Play Pokémon Go

after you’ve downloaded the Pokémon Go App, you’ll need to customize several settings including your digital avatar (choose between male and female), eye and hair color, shoes, pants and your preferred backpack style. Normally, you’ll be presented with the main area in the game; the Pokémon Go map. This area is a brightly-animated version of Google maps. You’ll see rustling grass, unmarked road and local landmarks disguised as PokéStops and Pokémon Gyms. When playing, as you move in the real world, your avatar does too. Pokémon will pop up on the map with a small vibration as you walk along and to catch them, you have to tap on them.

Where to Catch Pokémon in Kenya

just like any other game, when you start playing Pokémon Go for the very first time, trainer mode automatically begins with a choice of which Pokémon you’d love to start with. On completion of the trainer mode, and you’ve picked your Pokémon from the available three options – Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, the other two will disappear. But if you walk away from the first three, you’ll get a fourth starter option – Pikachu.

Places to Look for Pokémon in Kenya

It feels so nice to finally catch those Pokémon, but it’s not that easy, you must look them in the right places. Here in Kenya, i’ve been lucky to find Pokémon in the following places.

  • Westlands Area – at Sarit Centre.
  • The Hub in Karen
  • Westgate mall
  • Junction Mall
  • Nairobi city center streets
  • Uhuru Park

Popular PokéStops in Kenya – Nairobi

  • ACK St. Stephen Cathedral – Jogoo Road
  • Makadara Railway Station – Jogoo Road
  • St. Clever’s Catholic Parish – Nairobi CBD
  • Khalsa Temple – Nairobi CBD
  • Caprice Flower Mural – Nairobi CBD
  • Dedan Kimathi Statue – Nairobi CBD
  • Metal Woman in Park – Uhuru highway
  • Consolata Prayer Garden – Westlands
  • Sankara Statues – Westlands
  • Consolata Shrine Statue -Westlands
  • Brahma Kumaris Raja Yoga Centre – Westlands

if your a fan, let me know where you’ve seen Pokémon in the comment section so we may help each other to collect as many as possible. Please note, your avatar moves around the map with your device’s inbuilt GPS, so really have to be physically moving and once there’s Pokémon, it’ll pop up on the screen. In most cases PokéStops have most chances of hiding Pokémon; these includes, tourist spots and malls.

Continue Looking for and Catching Pokémon

After your first encounter with Pokémon, next time you’ll be close to one, you’ll get a notification in the form of vibration if you have sound enabled on Pokémon’s unique call. Once Pokémon is within vicinity, it’s time to throw a Poké Ball to try and capture. This is done by holding onto your Poké Ball. And as you continue playing, you’ll encounter stronger Pokémon that require a more powerful Poké Ball, for example; f the ring surrounding the Pokémon is green, you should have no problem capturing it; if it’s yellow, you have a fifty-fifty chance; when you see a red ring, you’ll need to use multiple Poké Balls, more powerful Poké Balls, or Razz Berries to have a remote chance of catching it.



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