How to Place a Bet via SportPesa Using Your Mobile Phone

Away from mobile banking and latest gadget reviews, let’s take a look on other services you’d easily accomplish using your mobile phone here in Kenya. Having explored brilliant ways we use mobile phones – especially mobile banking services such as Mpesa and Airtel Money, to make payments for our monthly bill and so on, betting on sporting events using phones has tremendously evolved over the past few years to dive into the mobile banking frenzy; on this particular occasion, I’ll be exploring “SportPesa”. To be precise, I’ll detail steps on how to place a bet via SportPesa using your mobile phone.

Understanding SportPesa Betting options

To start with, SportPesa has what they call “S-PESA” – basically this is where you’ll get all the game ID’s eligible for betting. From here, you’ll have the opportunity to predict the outcome of a Sporting event with three possible results (Home Win (1), Draw (X) and Away Win (2)).

After understanding how to place a bet, you still need to create an account either on their website, their mobile app or understandably via sms.

Here is how to bet on SportPesa using your Mobile Phone

  • First Step (place the bet)

Send a text message to 79079 with the Game ID, the team you predict to win in 90 minutes and the amount you’re placing for the Bet. For example; “8962#2#100” – where, “8962” is the game ID, “2” is the prediction and “100” is the bet amount.

  • Second Step (Confirmation from SportPesa)

You are officially deemed to have placed a bet after receiving a confirmation text message stating acceptance of the betting offer from SportPesa. The text message will have your possible win (usually, this depends on game by game basis and the odds. Winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the stake) for instance, 2.36*100 = 236/=. Text message will look as follows (You’ve placed Ksh 100 on 2 in Crystal Palce – West Ham game. The odd is 2.36 Bet ID 8962 POSSIBLE WIN Kshs 236. Your SportPesa balance is: Kshs 38,093)

  • Third Step (Wait for the outcome)

Sit back, maybe watch the game and wait.

  • Fourth Step (How to cancel a single Bet on SportPesa using your Phone)

To cancel a single bet, just send the word “Cancel” followed by “#” and the bet ID received in the confirmation message to 79079. For example (Cancel#8962), thereafter you’ll get a confirmation message


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