Samsung Galaxy Z2 Review, Tizen OS and 4G Connectivity for only Ksh 5,999 (USD 55) in Kenya

Away from the usual android, windows and perhaps iOS powered devices, Samsung has introduced an affordable Galaxy Z2 device running purely on its Tizen operating system. The device comes a time when android and iOS have made major strides in consumer penetration, though we’d be cautious to have a reasonable comparison against it, at least for now. There’s no question to whether it’ll be a decent alternative to the two major smartphone operating systems, as the Galaxy Z2 barely has what you’d call flagship specifications. For the same reason, I’m determined to give it a fair shot with regard to specs against similarly priced android phones. From a general perspective, everything looks like a typical android device until you get on the user interface and the software.

Design Overview

Unlike what we’d expect from a flagship device, there’s not much to say about Samsung Galaxy Z2, it’s designed to be affordable. The feel doesn’t come close to the likes of Galaxy S7 but it has the price tag on its advantage. We got one with a gold cover, though you’ve got two other options to select from; black and red. In total, you’ve got a reasonable choice of three colors accentuated by the polished metal. I liked the patterned back texture, it comes in handy especially in avoiding accidental drop. With reasonable amount of care, Samsung Galaxy Z2 will last a tad longer, especially since its anti-slip (patterned back) makes it impossible to easily slip from your hands.

Cameras and Photography

Basic as it may seem, you’d still achieve viewable photos taken from the primary 5Megapixel camera, otherwise I had rather difficult time getting decent images on the font facing VGA snapper. Photos can be capture in different modes i.e. Beauty, pro and night for those who’d like to have a specific touch on various occasions.

Display Panel

Samsung Galaxy Z2 features a rather small display panel at only 4.0inch with basic screen resolution of 800x480pixels. I would have wished for at least 720p display especially in modern times.

Performance and Storage

The internal storage space is capped at 8GB though expandable up to 200GB. It comes with 1GB internal space which I’m still skeptical if it’ll run just as fine as iOS. Android is not very good on software optimization in RAM usage but I’m hopeful Tizen will just be fine. With 4G connectivity, it was a breeze browsing on this device.

Samsung Galaxy Z2 Specifications;

  • Screen Size: 4.0 Inch (800X480) Touchscreen
  • Internal Memory & RAM: 1GB RAM, 8GB ROM (expandable with microSD up to 200GB)
  • Processor Speed: 1.5GHz Quad-core Cortex
  • Operating System: Tizen Version 2.4
  • Camera: 8MP Back Camera, 0.3MP Front Camera
  • Battery: 1500mAh

Currently, this device is available in Kenya and can be ordered from a local online retailer or Safaricom shop for only Kshs. 5,999 (USD 55)



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