5 Most Popular Video Games in Africa in 2020

The African video games industry is taking shape in the hands of many enthusiastic developers. The market value is expected to reach $100 million by 2021, giving hope to countless gamers.

The Top 5 Game You Need to Play in 2020

Let’s check out the top 5 African video games that are popular among the dwellers of Africa.

1.    Mzito

Mzito is Africa’s favorite video game. You have to save Africa from ancient corruption through 15 different locations. The symbols and elements used in the game draw inspiration from the African culture.

You will find old African spirits and characters that make the game more fun. The goal is to help save and unite Africa and earn as many points as you can. 

The game is available for Android and iOS and totally free. You can just download Mzito and give it a go!

2.    FIFA 19

Gamers across the world play FIFA – and would vouch for it with their life. While the game has stiff competition from the likes of PES today, it’s no secret that FIFA still remains the first choice for most sports gamers. African nations like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, and Morocco are also crazy about the game. Africans just can’t seem to get enough of football!

The popularity of FIFA reflects Africa’s love for sports. Cricket, football, tennis, basketball- a number of sports are a regular part of the African lifestyle. People also take part in sports gambling and bet on platforms like Betway.

3.    Poker

Africans love to gamble! Many people in Africa gamble regularly and use it as a way to earn some extra cash. 

Poker is undeniably the most popular casino game Africans play online or on mobiles. The rise of online casinos has contributed to the popularity of poker and other card games. Today, countless Africans bet on live casino with Betway Kenya.

You can also find old folks having a good old game of poker with a real card set. 

4.    Overwatch

Multiplayer games are quite popular in Africa. Among them, Overwatch has attracted numerous players from all over Africa. 

Developed by Blizzard, the multiplayer first-person shooter is available on gaming consoles and PC. You can select from over 30 characters and join your friends in some cool action. 

The game features different modes like rank mode and arcade mode apart from the casual play mode. You get the feel of playing classic multiplayer shooters like the Unreal Tournament.

5.    Tekken 7

The Tekken series has always been popular in Africa. In fact, Tekken 7 was one of the games featured in the Africa eSports Championship (AEC).

Tekken is a world-famous game with spectacular graphics and gameplay. You can get the best arcade game experience thanks to the Unreal engine powering the physics. 

Tekken 7 is supposed to be the final chapter of the game, and African fans are a bit sad, for obvious reasons. 

The video game industry in Africa is growing at a steady pace – which game have you played from this list already?


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