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How Safaricom Subscribers can Use “Okoa Stima” to avoid Power Disconnection by KPLC

“Okoa Stima”, basically is a service that allows Safaricom and KPLC customers to avoid power disconnections without necessarily having to pay immediately.  The service works by enabling customers to borrow any amount within their credit limits (limits are determined by customer’s relationship with KPLC) and use the same amount to settle power bills i.e. by purchasing power tokens for KPLC’s pre-paid meters and pay back within 7 days. This is actually a loan facility from Safaricom – serviced at 10 percent fee via Mpesa money transfer service. Users can register up to 3 meters which can then be eligible to for top-ups using “Oka Stima”, (Note: Un-registered meters cannot use this facility).

How to register for Okoa Stima service;

  • To start with, Safaricom subscribers need to dial *885# and accept its terms and conditions.
  • You’ll then be prompted to enter your National ID
  • Set your secret PIN after which a confirmation is required.
  • A confirmation message will then be send via a text message
  • Choose continue to register meter/account and select register new then
  • Select either Prepaid or Postpaid depending on your KPLC meter account.
  • After entering meter or account, choose

How to pay your KPLC Power Bill using *885#

  • From your Safaricom line, Dial *885# then enter your PIN
  • Choose Post-Pay
  • From registered accounts, select the account you want to pay for, (outstanding bill will be displayed)
  • Select pay bill via M-Pesa
  • Either choose full or part payment, enter the amount and submit.
  • A confirmation message will be sent

How to buy KPLC Tokens using *885#

  • Dial *885# and enter PIN
  • Select pre-paid
  • Select the meter you want to buy token for
  • Your M-PESA account will be deducted
  • You’ll receive a confirmation message

How to request Okoa Stima – Prepaid

  • Dial *885# and enter PIN
  • Select pre-paid
  • Select Okoa Stima
  • Select ‘request emergency top up’
  • Select the Meter
  • Select preset Okoa amounts ranging from Ksh.100 to 1000 and confirm

How to Request Okoa Stima- Postpaid

  • Dial *885# and enter PIN
  • Select post paid
  • Select the account, the bill on the account will be automatically displayed
  • Select Okoa Stima and follow steps


  1. Have just okoad for 200ksh and have received 0.7units last time I did the same and got 0.85units. Thought this time round they will change but look now you have just reduced the amount. I wonder how I will be paying 200ksh just for 0.units. I feel corned

  2. I have just purchased a ksh200 token,before i paid i confirmed that there was no debt but after paying I’m told that I have a debt and the money have been defucted

  3. I have just purchased a ksh200 token,before i paid i confirmed that there was no debt but after paying I’m told that I have a debt and the money have been defucted

  4. Comment:kenya power please pick calls how on earth can a customer call for 4hrs continously use more than 1000ksh airtime and as if thats not enough gets no respond???seriously????please style up.iwish you had acompetitor.

  5. Comment:Am very much disappointed with this okoa stima I paid 1270 since 7th till now it has never reflected…am in darkness

  6. I bought units worth 2000 with mpesa and have not recieved tokens todate. The transaction was yesterday on acc 01450660020. Send the tokens

  7. The emergency option is not found when i dial *885#. Have tried getting the okoa stima but in vain what other numbers do you have?

    Secondly, the wording on the web are too many to make a point straight & simple, shorten the notes to mean sense & solve an emergency.

    Third, some of the emergency staff waiting to receive customers requests are incompetent & arrogant. Perhaps its time you vetted the night duty staff. Their attitude doesn’t qualify professionalism as it’s supposed to. 0721569154

  8. Account No. 14104192332, Racecourse Nakuru . How possible does maintenance go on for a whole month when it’s supposed to solve emergencies ?

  9. I’ve tried getting the okoa stima loan everytime my tokens run out and I’m broke but it has ever worked. It keeps saying okos stima is unavailable try some other time. Well I’m asking does it really work


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