Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Android Smart Phone

It seems Samsung has invested a fortune in entry level smart phones, the latest arrival being Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670. Looking back, smart phones can now be easily acquired at much affordable rates than before when they were complicated with few people owning them; in fact, mobile phone service providers have come up with lucrative phone contracts to own your dream smart phone as long as you use their services. The new Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 has borrowed some design resemblance from its sibling; Galaxy ace and Android operating system.

Samsung intents to produce the Galaxy Fit S5670 in mass, a move expected to tighten the rope for competitors who are in the business to outsmart and outplay it. When I observe the new Samsung Galaxy Fit, I find some peculiar similarities with its predecessor Galaxy Mini; actually Galaxy Fit S5670 appears more of Galaxy mini upgrade; however, Galaxy Fit S5670 has a bigger tad and an improved auto-focus 5megapixel camera. Still comparing Galaxy mini and Fit S5670, they both fall in the same price range.
Although Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 seems to have a subtler design, it is hardly expected to appeal to older generation or business guys; in fact Galaxy Fit S5670 does not have necessary features and tools to be considered as a business phone. Most of Samsung’s latest Smart phones come pre-installed with Google’s Android operating system, I rate this as a plus considering the extensive Android applications market; you’ll never get bored with your Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 device.
Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 Features/Specifications;
  • Android v2.2.1 Froyo operating system. Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 can support countless Android applications available from an extensive market.
  • 3.3inch capacitive touch screen. Enjoy easy touch navigation on a 3.3inch Galaxy Fit S5670 touch screen.
  • 160MB internal storage capacity with a 2MB MicroSD card included.
  • 5.0megapixel camera. Record video clips and capture images from your Samsung Galaxy Fit S5670 using an auto-focus 5.0megapixel digital camera.
  • 3G enabled. Browse web pages and download applications on your Galaxy Fit S5670 Android Smart Phone at faster 3G internet connection speed compared to 2G networks.
  • Stereo Fm radio.
  • Social networking integration


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