Samsung 19103 Galaxy R Android Smart Phone

After a prolonged mass production of Samsung Galaxy S series Smart Phones, the electronics giant is now shifting to R series of its Galaxy handsets; Samsung has unveiled its first Samsung 19103 Galaxy R series handset with more versions expected to be on the market soon. After looking at Galaxy S series market performance, I have to admit these series have been a success to Samsung, now its time for Galaxy R series to claim its right full place at the market. Unlike previous Galaxy S series, the new Samsung 19103 Galaxy R comes with Tegra 2 stepping of which I consider a plus.

Galaxy S series used Exynos chipset instead of Tegra 2 stepping used by Samsung 19103 Galaxy R; in addition, the new Samsung 19103 Galaxy R uses SC-LCD screen technology as opposed to previous Super Amoled Plus used on Galaxy S series handsets. Looking at the current smart phone market, the new Samsung 19103 Galaxy R must have the best combination of features to outsmart and outperform its rivals; Samsung should therefore be very keen on any changes made considering the success Galaxy S series have so far enjoyed.
One big change considered by Samsung on its 19103 Galaxy R is a Tegra 2 replacing Exynos previously on Galaxy S series; this is obviously a big one considering the kind of performance expected in comparison to its predecessor Exynos. Users will be able to enjoy a brilliant 5.0megapixel camera with 720pixel video capture on the new Samsung 19103 Galaxy R smart phone; however, most of us were expecting an 8.0megapixel camera with 1080pixel video capture.
  • 5.0megapixel camera. The new Samsung 19103 Galaxy R handset allows users to capture 720pixel quality video clips on a 5.0megapixel camera and take photos. It has dual cameras; another 1.3megapixel front facing camera for making video calls.
  • Android v2.3.3 Gingerbread operating system. How about accessing countless supported applications from an extensive Android market, the new Samsung 19103 Galaxy R will never keep you bored.
  • Dual core 1GHz processor capable of supporting multitasking on your handset.
  • 8GB RAM, 2GB ROM and 8GB storage with an option to expand using an external MicroSD card.
  • 4.2inch SC-LCD capacitive touch screen with up to 16m colors capability.
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