How to get Samsung Galaxy A10s through pay as you go from M-kopa and Safaricom

There are several reasons that push most of us to consider buying electronic devices through a pay as you go arrangement; mostly due to high initial costs which are instead spread over a longer period in such arrangements. But equally, there are several reasons why such attractive arrangements aren’t so attractive in the long run; for example, purchasing the new Samsung Galaxy A10s device through the M-kopa and Safaricom arrangement will see consumers spent almost KES 25,000 on a device that’s available for half price in retail outlets.  

At the same time, it’ll be selfish to assume the deal brokered between Samsung, M-kopa and Safaricom isn’t worth our attention; it has its merits and understandably, most of us will see it convenient rather than investing so much in a gadget that’ll be out-fashioned in a few months. Samsung has been clever enough to ink a deal with Safaricom and M-Kopa to sell the Samsung A10s at hire purchase to consumers who cannot raise the initial budget for the device.

The pay as you go plan present Kenyans with an opportunity to go home with a Samsung Galaxy A10s and pay in KES 60 daily installments. The latest budget themed entrant from Samsung is an immediate upgrade of the Samsung A10 and comes with internal storage of 32 GB and 2 GB RAM with a 2-year warranty.

How to get Samsung Galaxy A10s through pay as you go from Samsung, M-kopa and Safaricom

  • To get the Samsung Galaxy A10s, you’ll need to visit selected Safaricom and M-Kopa shops,
  • Make a down payment of Ksh3,499.
  • You’ll be issued with the smartphone and thereafter make a daily payment of Ksh60 daily (one credit) for a period of 365 days.

How to make daily payments after buying the Samsung Galaxy A10s through Pay as You Go plan

  • To make a payment, a customer will use Pay Bill 333222, enter M-Kopa account number and the amount they wish to spend.
  • A customer can purchase any number of credits at a time as they wish; for example, if you pay Ksh600, you will receive 10 Credits

What happens when you fail to pay the daily charges;

  • If for any reason a customer fails to make the daily payment, their phone will lock and they will not be able to use the smartphone until they make the payment.

You may be able to unlock your phone for 5 minutes so that you can make payment from your M-Pesa account



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