Sony Unveils 22inch KLV-22BX300 LCD TV in Kenya

Revolutionize the way your living room looks with the new Sony 22inch KLV22BX300 LCD TV; it fits in any space bringing a whole new experience to discover. Ranging from inbuilt FM-radio to HD ready quality picture, Sony 22inch KLV22BX300 LCD TV is now available in major electronic outlets in Kenya. The move is anticipated to encourage TV lovers to migrate from traditional cathode ray tube to LCD television; prices have been further reduced to Kshs.20,000 from previous Kshs.24,995.

 There are unlimited benefits associated with LCD technology rather than Plasma and traditional CRT’s. Both LCD and Plasma screens boast a slim sleek design which saves a lot of space and easier to mount. On the other hand, CRT’s are disadvantaged in terms of size; however, their picture quality is still unmatched considering their ability to produce rich deep blacks. Plasma has a better picture quality than LCD; however they are vulnerable to image burn.

Sony 22inch KLV22BX300 LCD TV Features/Specifications;
Bravia Engine 3. to experience best image quality, Sony 22inch KLV22BX300 LCD TV utilizes Bravia Engine 3 technology to offer high definition video processor which reproduces pictures with higher contrast, superior quality and an amazing superior quality.
  • MPEG Noise reduction. The MPEG noise reduction technology on Sony 22inch KLV22BX300 LCD TV removes speck-like noise around subtitles and block noise mostly found in fast moving scenes.
  • Live color. Sony 22inch KLV22BX300 LCD TV boasts of an advanced image processor which uses an algorithm developed by Sony to reproduce fantastic vivid colors on the screen. The image processor produces brilliant blue sky and bright red rose depending on your preference.
  • Bravia Sync lets you connect compatible devices such as storage drives to experience most out of your LCD television.
  • WXGA 1366×768 picture resolution
  • 24p true cinema
  • 176° viewing angle
  • USB 2.0
  • HD15 PC input/auto


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