Dstv Kenya Bouquets, Common Subscribed Packages

After listing channels and their respective bouquets available on most pay TV service providers in Kenya such as Gotv Kenyaand Zuku TV, it’s only typical that Dstv Kenya gets a similar fair share of scrutiny and appreciation. Dstv which is owned by Multichoice and Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) in Kenya, by far enjoys a lions share of Kenya’s pay TV market segment, not forgetting that Gotv is also their product. Unlike other pay TV providers in Kenya which utilizes DTT and Fibre optic platforms, Dstv transmits its signal via satellite; this explains the vast areas covered including remote locations. Multichoice Kenya has various bouquet products through Dstv for the local market with prices reflecting the quality and number of channels contained. Apart from Dstv mobile product transmitted via DVB-H and currently available only in Mombasa and Nairobi, other Dstv products are available almost everywhere through satellite transmission.

Dstv Mobile (DVB-H) Bouquet Channels (Kenya)
E! Entertainment, CNN International, Trace Urban, Channel O, Cartoon Network, SuperSport 3 Africa, Supersport 10, Supersport 9, Supersport 1, KTN, Africa Magic+, Africa Magic, BET, KBCTV, NTV
Dstv Access Bouquet Channels (Kenya)
CNC World, BBC, Bloomberg, EWTN, Kingdom Africa, TBN, Channel O, Cartoon Network, CCTV9, Nickelodeon, Select Sports, Super sport Blitz, eTV Africa, KTN, NTV, KBC, Magic World.
Dstv Family Bouquet Channels (Kenya)
MagicWorld, BET, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Yoruba, E! Entertainment, KBC, NTV, KTN, eTV Africa, Citizen, Style, Fashion, Supersport, SELECT, CCTV9, ESPN Classic, Nat. Geo wild, Nickelodeon, Kidsco, Mindset,  Channel O, SoundCity, One Gospel, TBN, Kingdom Africa, Islam Channel, EWTN, Inspiration TVBBC World News, Aljazeera, CNBC Africa, Bloomberg, K24, CNC World, RAI Italia, CCTV E&F, RTP International, TV Brasil, TV5 Monde Afrique.
Dstv Compact Bouquet Channels (Kenya)
BET, SONY, Africa Magic+, Africa Magic Hausa, Africa Magic Yoruba, M-Net Action, Universal Channel, M-Net Series Africa, MagicWorld, Studio Universal, BBC Entertainment, E! Entertainment, TV5 Monde Afrique, TV Brasil, CCTV E&F, RAI Italia, CNC World, Al Jazeera, CNN International, BBC World News, Inspiration TV, EWTN, Islam Channel, Kingdom Africa, Daystar, Rhema TV, TBN, One Gospel, B4U Music, I-Concerts, SoundCity, Afro Music, Trace Urban, Channel O, Mindset Learn, Disney Junior, Kidsco, Zone Reality, SONY MAX, Africa Magic Swahili, KBCTV, NTV, KTN, eTV Africa, Citizen TV, Style, Fashion TV, Food Network, Discovery TLC, SuperSport 9, SuperSport Blitz, SELECT Sports, CCTV9, ESPN, ESPN Classic, Discovery World, Discovery ID, National Geo, Nat. Geo Wild, Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Disney Channel, Disney XD, Nickelodeon.
Dstv Premium Bouquet Channels (Kenya, Plus Channel Number)
110 M-Net Series Africa, 112 MagicWorld, 113 Sony, 120 BBC Entertainment, 121 Discovery Channel, 122 Comedy Central, 115 AfricaMagic +, 116 BET, 119 Studio Universal, 101 M-Net East, 103 M-Net Movies 2 Africa, 105 M-Net Stars, 106 M-Net Action, 108 Universal Channel, 109 Tuner Classic Movies, 137 KBC TV, 138 NTV, 139 KTN, 144 eTV Africa, 146 Citizen TV, 170 M-Net Africa HD, 171 Supersport HD Africa, 124 E! Entertainment Channel, 125 Zone Reality, 126 SONY MAX, 127 Africa Magic Swahili, 172 Discovery HD, 173 i-Concerts HD, 174 SuperSport HD 2, 175 M-Net Movies 1 HD Africa, 176 SuperSport HD 3, 180 BBC Lifestyle, 181 Travel Channel, 183 Style, 184 Fashion TV, 185 Food Network, 186 Discovery TLC, 200 SuperSport Blitz, 208 SuperSport MaXimo 1, 209 SuperSport 9, 220 SELECT Sports, 226 CCTV 9, 230 ESPN, ESPN Classic, 250 Discovery World, 201 SuperSport 1, 202 SuperSport 2, 203 SuperSport 3, 204 SuperSport 4, 205 SuperSport 5, 206 SuperSport 6, 207 SuperSport 7, 208 SuperSport 8, 251 BBC Knowledge, 252 Discovery ID, 254 History, 255 Crime and Investigation Network, 260 National Geographic, 261 Nat. Geo Wild, 264 Animal Planet, 301 Cartoon Network, 302 Boomerang, 303 Disney Channel, 304 Disney XD, 305Nickeledeon, 306 Cbeebies, 308 KidsCo, 309 Disney Junior, 319 Mindset Learn, 320 Channel O, 321 MTV, 322 MTV Base, 325 Trace Urban, 326 Afro Music, 327 Soundcity, 328 i-Concerts, 330 B4U Music, 331 One Gospel, 341 TBN, 343, 344 Rhema TV, 345 Kingdom Africa, 347 Islamic Channel, 348 EWTN, 350 Inspiration TV, 400 BBC World news, 401 CNN International, 402 Sky News, 404 Euro News, 406 Al Jazeera, 410 CNBC Africa, 411 Bloomberg, 413 K24, 414 NN24, 415 CNC World, 430RAI Italia, 449 CCTV E&F, 501RTP International, 574 TV Brasil, 607 TV5 Monde Afrique.


  1. I am a subscriber from Kenya and find that you should substitute AM Hausa, AM yoruba, TV5 monde TV Brazil and RAI Italia with programs that have a language that can be undersood by Kenyans. Some of the above programs do not even have English sub-titles.

  2. As Anonymous stated above those programmes do not add value to the package, replace them with other programmes are get rid of them all together! There is no point of saying that a package has 35 or so channels when a significant number of them are irrelevant to Kenyans!

  3. the package for the dstv mobile is not as listed supersport 9 and 3 are not there yet u guys charge expensive per week the other channels are irrerevant

  4. i am a compact subscriber and noticed recently that EWTN and Insp channels have been removed, and several other channels. Are there any chances of having these channels back, especially EWTN? its my favourte. you should remove the channels that don make sense to Kenyans. We need these channels back! Thanks

  5. do u ever think of lowering ur charges? i dream of the day i will afford premium with we alwys believe is for the rich. the new channels that u are introducing will go to which bouquet?

    [email protected]

  6. we want to view dstv all the time as we pay for the services but your charges are too high. can you roll out your services fairly so that more people can be on your service line?

  7. multichoice should post their packages prices on their website.so far they r including us in they r including us in activitys .if they lower their prices it would be unfair to them

  8. These peple, DSTV, they are very expensive In Tz they are even worse.
    I think we should all, in EA , raise up and boycott to these mercilessly exorbitant prices!

  9. DSTV is quite expensive and they should correct on that because people are having problems when it comes to paying,I wish other competitors uprise and defeat you when it comes to paying so that you can change the you charge people when it comes to paying

  10. all dstv suscriber should boycot for a few month.this prices are off the roof for crappy channel with expired movies and series,some not in english.

  11. hope am not the only one who dose’t watch DStv when it rains, can they improve on this, i feel cheated.

  12. I am a very worried subscriber on how movies are being repeated on channel 152. Dstv is cheating on us and we shall have no choice but move to other providers e.g. zuku. Something should be done urgently on these repetitions. We are receiving a raw deal on our hard earned money.

    • be careful about Zuku too — although it is cheaper it just keeps showing the same programs over and over again. I have Zuku and am considering dropping it altogether — 70 channels when the same program is airing on several at the same time — nonsense!

  13. I am a paid up Compact Sub-scriber and I have no been receiving any of the local News Chanels such as KBC, NTV,KTN CITIZEN.
    You have listed these in the banquet.

    What is happening?


  14. dstv is very xpensive…you customer services are extremely poor.you dont pick calls..yet we pay you these sums…pull up your socks..pull them hard

  15. I am weighing on whether to buy a Dstv or Gotv.
    I really want to kno da difference in channels n more importantly in price.

  16. I was a customer of DSTV for a while then I quit. I joined ZUKU. Now am back and it seems DSTV is worse off after 2 years that I was away. I am operating both ZUKU and DSTV at home and all I can say is that PayTV Companies are ripping Kenyans with awful programming. In both ZUKU and DSTV iwatch about 10 channels each the rest are bullcrap. This is totally unfair.

  17. iam subscriber of DSTV AND sometimes one delays in payments. and you are switching off all channels unlike b4 you used to leave local channnels such as kbc, citizen etc. YOU ARE TOO HASH AND UNFRIENDLY..UNFAIR

  18. i think your GOtv is not good at all the signals are not always responding and i pay the services. what is the use of the antennae it doesn’t have any signals at all correct on that

  19. What are you plans for signet chanel on gotv without sound no signal.secondly,can you customer be given opourtunity to chose a chanel of there own in dstv?

  20. I think dstv company should differentiate languages spoken on different parts of africa,in kenya i dont need housa nad yoruba and portugese or french!!

  21. wanted to find out if it is possible to add channel 203 and 207 to my current package and how much would it cost.


  22. Please make the Premium Package affordable to the majority of Kenyans, lets say 2k per month is reasonable and you’ll have more football consumers watching dstv at home.

  23. DSTV was a hit but now the rate at which it has repeats compared to the pricing does NOT make sense, that quality is worth 2000 to 2500 yet package is over 4500 premium and anything under that is just repeats, id rather premium was cheaper and you have more channels such that by the time youre repeating everything its end month and afew more things have been added to the schedule, rather than being smart and stealing 80% market share you would rather stick with your colonial thinking and charge the highest amount yet the programs are repeated everyday. You must have old managers and creative team, there is no more innovation once internet becomes affordable in Kenya DSTV is dead and irrelevant, we even watch live football on free online stations with multilanguage selections?????

  24. dstv should give a subscriber an option to choose the channels they want to watch, and pay for only that. other than including channels which are not of interest on an individual. Do something please.

  25. hope am not the only one who dose’t watch DStv when it rains, can they improve on this, i feel cheated.
    Actually they should compensate subscribers when the connection gets messed by the rain. I wonder where the consumer protection agencies are when we need them in Kenya

  26. DSTV is heaven . If you buy go T you will regret. For 850 you get worthless channels. Don’t buy Go tv . Terrible.

  27. I go to you tube en watch alot of African en other movies..latest…for that matter….but all channels in dstv are repeated day in day out….wat is wrong…is it that you ve gotten enaf cash until you don’t care whether ua customers are entertained or not…..bottom line STOP THIS BAD HABITS OF REPEATING MOVIES AS IF WE ARE NOT PAYING……

  28. Your too expensive …….and yet absolutely nothing to show for it… the best you can do is give us the best of the best for what we rightfully pay for……STOP REPEATING MOVIES IT’S SO ANNOYING! we have the PVR for recording when we need to repeat movies…..

  29. This people don’t want to change but change will change you. I’m so surprized not watching Euefa champions after paying over £10. I feel like throwing away ma phone when i messages advertising Europa league. Who watches that in Kenya? U just don’t know ya customers but know their money, no customer care, no picking off cal just like true thieves do.

  30. This people don’t want to change but change will change you. I’m so surprized not watching Euefa champions after paying over £10. I feel like throwing away ma phone when i receive messages advertising Europa league. Who watches that in Kenya? U just don’t know ya customers but know their money, no customer care, no picking off cal just like true thieves do.

  31. I think Multichoice are taking the viewer advantage alittle too far. Channels are changed every now and then without notice.
    I personally do not approve of it. Im sure alot of people share the same predicament and are considering other available options.

    For example, Supersport 5 is a spill over event channel. Why put all important EPL matches on it. Want to sell Premium package? Get a better way to do it.

    We will find better options. I guarantee


    Thank you

  32. I’m so surprized not watching Euefa champions league on my walka tv after paying over ksh 500 that i was instructed by your customer care to pay day before the d-day. I feel like throwing away ma walka. U just don’t know your customers but know their money, no customer care, no picking off calls.

  33. I am a compact subscriber and been paying Kshs 3,250/- after the charges were adjusted upwards in April 2015.
    It is surprising whenever I get an sms reminder the renewal fee is always high like 3750/- ?

    Why is this so?

  34. I have been away for three years due to high prices and insufficient watchable programs list. But on going through the above comments from other subscribers I am contemplating not to reconnect.


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