Smirnoff Nairobi New Years’ Eve ‘The Night’ Party

The world’s number one vodka Smirnoff will this month take Nairobi by storm, as Kenya plans to usher in the New Year. Smirnoff, which has taken its nightlife experience to over 50 markets worldwide through its Smirnoff Nightlife Experiences, will this year host the biggest of all its Kenyan experiences on 31st December 2012 at the Carnivore Restaurant. Dubbed ‘The Night,’ the all-white themed party will for the first time ever in Kenya feature a line-up of 16 DJs playing on 3 stages, in what promises to be the biggest New Year’s Eve party the capital city has ever seen. Leading the DJ pack will be international DJs Shaun ‘Banger’ Scott from the U.K. and Dino Bravo from South Africa, two of the hottest DJs on the global entertainment scene at the moment. Representing Kenya will be the cream of Kenya’s DJs, including established names like DJ Joe Mfalme, DJ Chukie, DJ Kaydee, DJ Riggz, DJ Klash, DJ Stretch, DJ Jean-Marie, DJ Frakus, DJ Wati, DJ 7, DJ E, DJ Denz, DJ Erik and DJ Cat.

 This is the first event of this magnitude in almost a decade for Smirnoff in Kenya although the brand continues to enjoy unmatched popularity among the country’s young party-goers, as shown by the crowds present at the Smirnoff Red & White parties held in Naivasha and Nairobi over the last one year.

“This is a great time for Smirnoff to show appreciation to our consumers, and to give back by way of showing them what the Smirnoff Nightlife Experience is all about,” says Kate Katisya, Smirnoff’s Brand Manager in Kenya. “Smirnoff is about extraordinary drinks and extraordinary nights; it’s about enjoying life and having the best night of your life, while remembering that the best nights are the ones you remember.”
With this experience Smirnoff is promising to up the ante for Nairobi’s revelers on New Year’s Eve, delivering a party experience that is unique to the brand but above all, memorable.Revelers will be required to dress in all-white to represent the purity that Smirnoff vodka is known for the world over.
Says Kate: “We know that young people love a good party, so what we’re promising to deliver is not just a good party, but a great experience. We want to show the world that nobody has a party like Smirnoff and Nairobi combined!”
Organised in conjunction with the Carnivore Restaurant and True Blaq Entertainment the event will also feature a teleporting booth and Smirnoff signature cocktails to celebrate the moment.
“This will not just be another New Year’s Eve party; this will be The Night, so we’re guaranteeing you a night to remember,” says Kevin ‘Big Kev’ Ombajo, CEO and Founder of True Blaq Entertainment. “We’re talking massive sound, good music, bright lights and above all, the Smirnoff Nightlife Experience.”
In line with its support for the responsible drinking campaign, Smirnoff will be maintaining a strict ‘over 18 only’ policy, and has put in place measures to verify age on entry, in addition to providing maximum security to ensure that revelers have a good time in a safe environment.
Tickets are available at all Carnivore outlets at Ksh. 600 for advance tickets. Entrance at the gate will be Ksh. 800.


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