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Mi-Fone Sawa Touch (Mi-A400) Dual-Sim Android Phone Review

You’ll less likely hear smart phone veterans out there talk about Mi-fone, let alone have a device with such a name, but their latest Mi-A400 device is a big contender if specs are anything to go by. I am not a big fan of this company and it’s probably the first device I am reviewing with such a label, but I got to tell you the specs underneath are almost unbelievable with a rock-bottom price tag. Mi-fone Mi-A400 is a dual sim handset, that’s something most Kenyan’s highly consider, it’s a feature you may not find on pricier devices let alone those powered by android OS. In practice, I can have two separate sim cards from different service providers in the country active at the same time on this phone, using their services is of course optional and the most logical method to choose is by price. I can go on and on outlining the benefits of dual sim capability but let’s not forget there are hundreds of phones with the same feature; however, they aren’t as cheap.

 Mi-A400 has what you’d call a big-enough display panel (4inches to be precise) and the resolution isn’t close to worse, at 800×480 pixels, you’ll be pleased by the appearance of small text and images on this phone, it’s something you’d only expect on pricier devices. It doesn’t have the best design we’ve seen but it’s not worse either, the front panel is almost entirely occupied by a 4inch screen except for the capacitive buttons below and a secondary 0.3MP camera at the top left , unlike most smart phones, the company logo is missing on the front cover. At its rear is a 5.0Megapixel snapper, it’s not as big as we expected but at an almost rock-bottom price, it’ll be senseless to complain. Beyond the display is a most recent android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, we already have jelly bean out but again, ICS is something you’d not get on just any device in this genre. Under the hood is a 1GHz processor, most devices in this category have an 800MHz chipset, apps will load generally faster with occasional lags when multitasking.  

From the outside, Mi-fone Mi-A400 is no different from hundreds of budget droids on the market; it doesn’t have anything physically spectacular, but that doesn’t mean you’ll less likely be moved by specs inside the casing. This device has a whooping 4GB RAM, it’s hard to believe but that’s the crazy truth, RAM is often ignored or given less priority by potential smart phone buyers; however, it has a tremendous impact on the speed of your device. It’s RAM is way beyond that of common pricier smart phones that you’ll likely see on the counters. Choosing between a bigger RAM and a speedy processor may be in contention but I presume both are vital if speed is of essence. There’s an SD card slot on Mi-A400, so you’ll easily load a couple of mp4 files if you’re the type that can’t do without music, it can accommodate up to 32GB MicroSD card.
Mi-Fone Sawa Touch (Mi-A400) Features/Specifications;
  • Operating System: Android v4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • Processor: 1GHz MTK-6575 Processor
  • Display : 4.0inch (800x 480 pixels) (144ppi) Capacitive touch screen
  • Camera: Primary: 5.0Megapixel (2560 x 1920p), Secondary: 0.3Megapixel
  • Storage: Up to 32GB MicroSD, ROM+ 4GB  RAM
  • Connectivity: MicroUSB v2.0, Bluetooth v2.1
  • Internet: HSDPA, 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Other ft: FM Radio, GPS, G-Sensor, Dual sim
  • Battery: Standard Lithium ion 2000mAh
Mi-Fone Sawa Touch (Mi-A400)Price in Kenya: Kshs.13000


  1. Yeah have the same problem too of a hissing sound when its idle. plus some applications arent compatible. Viber, DSTV streaming app…. Alafu battery life is shitty. Another problem is the bad reception of its FM radio, and the bad quality of sound in video recorded with the fon. otherwise love the screen resolution, the big screen and the 5mp camera is not bad.

  2. I have an Mi-A400. it keeps going off. what is might be the problem?
    Another thing, how can be to silence the start up tone?

  3. this phone isn’t compatible with most apps nkt…even the full version of whatsapp is incompatible…am thinking of selling it very soon

  4. how do you access its boot loader POWER + UP or POWER + DOWN doesn’t work. and there is no response when I try POWER + UP + DOWN, no response, nothing.

  5. Don’t buy the Damn phone!!! goes off when it feels like, hangs like its the end of the world, Whatsapp SHALL NEVER DOWNLOAD, had it for one year, the best thing about it, it keeps my toddler busy otherwise l would’ve smashed it!!! NKT! waste of money!

  6. Don’t buy the Damn phone!!! goes off when it feels like, hangs like its the end of the world, beats me why you say its 4GB RAM, Whatsapp SHALL NEVER DOWNLOAD, had it for one year, the best thing about it, it keeps my toddler busy otherwise l would’ve smashed it!!! NKT! waste of money!


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