What are the preferable Thop TV Alternatives for iOS?

Thop TV refers to an amazingly designed and wonderful application that users mostly turn to when in need of consuming content including sports, events, movies, and other TV shows broadcasted from various OTT platforms and channels. Apart from this, the Thop TV application also provides the facility of broadcasting various web series and movies for free. It also has additional features, including the ability of offering paid plans to users which is tagged with various advantages but. Unfortunately, this application has been banned and stopped for now and as expected, users can’t stop their entertainment. In this article we are discussing some preferable Thop TV alternatives for iOS devices.

List of best and preferable Thop TV Alternatives for iOS:

Entertainment is one of the major requirements for mobile users as it easily release their stress amongst other benefits. For this reason, there are some substitutes or ThopTV alternative that users may use for their entertainment purpose on their iOS devices. apart from these, they may also select their suitable VPN for streaming the channels, movies, shows, or many more. Avail the ExpressVPN Coupon Code to make affordable purchase and get access to streaming websites. Hence, here is the list of the Thop TV alternatives for iOS users:


HotStar Mod Apk is one of the best and most preferred alternatives to thop TV that can be used for streaming and watching the Indian, American, and web series of other countries. Besides web series, users may also watch out for the most famous TV shows from every corner of the world. Also, the users may follow sports and matches in multiple languages. The best part of this application is that this is free from ads.

Most importantly, this application is best for sports lovers as they may stream cricket matches or many more wherever they want to entertain them. In some of the regions this app is banned so it will be better for you is you use any of the best VPN for Hotstar application on your device.

Specifications to add Tea TV to the iOS device:

  • HotStart Mod Apk is a lightweight application, and thus, it requires only a space of 30 MB for installation and proper execution.
  • All the entertainment-related content from Hollywood to Bollywood is available for free.
  • The application can execute properly or is compatible with devices having Android version or above
  • It does not require any kind of log-in or sign-in credentials.

(Important: HotStar Mod Apk users face some limitations as they may only watch the shows or movies being broadcasted by the particular channels of ‘Star’.)

  1. JioTV MOD

Another name being added to the list of best alternatives of Thop TV, JioTV Mod is best known for live streaming. This application offers a great variety of TV channels over the users’ device executing upon various operating systems including Android, iOS, smart TVs, or firestick. The users utilizing the JioTV Mod can easily enjoy the buffering of free streaming of entertainment with movies, sports, and various events. Over the JioTV Mod, the users will get the chance to watch more than 500 premium channels along with 100 HD premium channels that too completely free. Even, the users will get extra advantage of substitutes while working over mobile or smart TVs. 

Specifications to add JioTV Mod to the iOS device:

  • For using the JioTV Mod, the users need not purchase a jio sim, especially.
  • Even, the users may simply catch the episodes they have not streaming for the last 7 days.
  • The application is free from ads, fast in execution and streaming, and also loads with various advanced and new features.
  • JioTV Mod is available in various languages like English, Hindi, Punjabi, Telegu, and many more.
  1. OREO TV

Oreo TV is also listed within the list of the best alternatives of Thop TV that can be executed upon Mac, Windows, iOS, Firestick, and Android. Oreo TV is one of the highly used applications for entertainment for iOS devices. The major feature of Oreo TV is that users can enjoy unlimited movies, web series, sports, matches, drama, trending shows, channels, events, and many more in 25+ languages. Being a free application, this application is free to use and lightweight. And thus, this makes it useful and easy to install as there is no need for any type of registration.

Specifications to add Oreo TV to the iOS device:

  • The user requires only 10 MB mobile storage or space for installing this application and is compatible with the devices having versions like Android 5.0 or above and so on.
  • The user interface of this application is highly enhanced and advanced giving a better browsing experience to its users.
  • The application offers a huge library of about 6000 live channels that are broadcasted from every corner of the world.

PikShow is being one of the best alternatives to Thop TV and is also one of the trusted applications too for fulfilling the purpose of entertainment of the users. Various contents are available over this application including TV, OTT, platforms, and many more. Being one of the best and great alternatives to Thop TV, this application facilitates the users with entertainment through the latest movies, web series, Live TV, sports matches, and many more. Hence, this application is also known as the power-pack of entertainment in a single place with a streaming quality of 4k.

The best feature of this application is that users can watch the latest movies along with their streaming over the smart television. Hence, all these features make this application to be the best alternative to Thop TV with multiple advanced features.

Specifications to add Tea TV to the iOS device:

  • Availability of the subtitles of the entire streaming content.
  • The users may enjoy the streaming of all the latest web series from Netflix, Zee5, Mx player, and so on.
  • This application is supportive aver various gadgets including iOS, Android, iPhone, iPad, FireStick, Windows, LINUX, PC, and Mac.
  1. TEA TV

Tea TV is one of the preferable alternatives to Thop TV and is the best replica of Thop TV having a different name but similar in features. Using this Tea TV, the users may enjoy movies, shows, sports, drama, animation, and many more with a quality of 1080 pixels. This application is free from ads or any kind of sponsored ads and also allows users to download their favorite videos or events. Even, this application also facilitates the users by allowing them to install and execute this application over their smart device or television. 

Specifications to add Tea TV to the iOS device:

  • Availability of trailers, reviews, and such details associated with the movies and series.
  • Efficient and effective working over the devices with Android 4.4 or above versions, Fire TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, and Android TV Box.

To let the users’ entertainment go on continuously, there is another best alternative to Thop TV named Mobdro TV that helps the users to enjoy unlimited entertainment over more than 200 channels for free. The application is safe and secure to be used over the device and is known for providing the 24*7 support and error (bugs) controlling facility on regular basis. 

Specifications to add Mobdro TV to the iOS device:

  • The space needed for storing or installing this application is less than 21 MB. 
  • Mobdro TV is a favorable alternative to Thop TV has a unique and user-friendly user interface. 
  • The application has been providing its worth through its amazing functionality like saving and sharing with friends.

RedBox TV is one of the popular applications similar to ThopTV and NetFlix. This application offers live streaming of the entire major TV channels for free. Also, the viewers can watch the TV shows and movies over the RedBox TV application for free.

RedBox TV is one of the favorable and best alternatives to Thop TV having easy-to-use features and has an attractive user interface with well-organized tabs. RedBox TV is known for offering its support facility for HD and FHD streaming and also has good development support too. 

Specifications to add RedBox TV to the iOS device:

  • RedBox TV is one of the well-known and free sources of entertainment.
  • Redbox TV is known for offering support to iOS, Android, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung, Smart TV, Roku, and many more devices.
  • it offers the facility of live streaming of channels to more than 20 countries including India, the US, the UK, France, Turkey, and so on.

LiveNet TV is one of the highly used thop TV alternatives and is known for offering unique and special qualities. One of its special features is that it has more than 2000 famous TV channels along with the feature of live streaming. Along with this, the new channels get added and updated automatically and on regular basis. Using LiveNet TV, the users may enjoy various popular TV shows and various different genres and language movies.

This LiveNet TV is supportive of various external players including MX player, XMTV Player, and Lua Player. Also, the users may also request their favorite channel to be added to these external players.

Specifications to add LiveNet TV to the iOS device:

  • This application has its compatibility with Android devices, Fire Stick, Fire TV, and Android boxes.
  • Even, the LiveNet TV is supportive of the Chromecast and has an easier user interface.
  1. HUNK TV

Another best application for streaming videos and channels is it has been also listed as one of the best Thop TV alternatives that users may use as a replacement for Thop TV for entertainment purposes. The major point of attraction regarding this application is its lovable interface and advanced services. The Hunk TV application has been divided into multiple sections that have offered its users to locate their genre of movies and shows easily and fast. The users will be able to stream thrillers, crime, horror movies, TV shows, and web series, along with living sports, news, trending, and popular videos.

Specifications to add Hunk TV to the iOS device:

  • Well organized application having multiple categories
  • Require storage of 30 MBs to 100 MBs for its installation on the iOS device
  • It also facilitates its users for downloading offline videos of their favorite shows or movies.

CineHub is listed among the best ThopTV alternative for iOS devices or iPhones as it offers a free live streaming application that facilitates the users with live streaming movies, comics, anime, sports, and many more channels for free. Along with these, the iOS users also get the facility of buffer-free videos having the quality of 360p to 4k having the support facility with multimedia players. One of the best parts of this application is that it offers subtitles in more than 50 languages including English, Hindi, Spanish, Korean, and so on.

Specifications to add CineHub to the iOS device:


We hope that the aforementioned Thop TV alternative that users may adopt for their iOS device in case the Thop TV application has been banned or inaccessible in their region. All these applications are safe and secure to use on their iOS device and can be used for streaming web series, watching out the cricket match, or the latest movies and web series. 


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