Just as Kenya is Prepping to Phase out Old Passports by August, here is the Application Process and Requirements for Getting the New e-Passport

Just as Kenyans are being encouraged to apply for the new modern e-passports, most applicants have already expressed frustrations at the process some pointing out tediousness and unrealistic requirements to get one. I’d give this one to the government for trying to modernize services and even allowing online application; but one would wonder, just how is it so easy to acquire Kenyan citizenship as compared to applying for travel documents? Honestly I don’t get it, and as it seems I’m not the only one.  A tweet we recently saw from our immigration department providing guidelines on the, immediately got backlash from several concerned citizens who attributed the process to being time consuming and unrealistic owing to just what one needs to qualify for one.

Before we take an intimate analysis of the process necessary to be issued with an e-passport, first let’s see the benefits of new Kenyan e-passport.

Advantages of the new Kenyan e-passport;

  • New e-passport contains a small electric chip that safely holds your personal details
  • Contains biometric features of the passport holder – not easy to forge
  • Complex security features that eliminate forgery fears

How to Apply for the New Kenyan e-passport

Here is a simple guide that can assist those intending to apply for the new e-passport. The process is now digitized and we strongly advise applicants to start the process early in time to avoid last minute inconveniences.

  • Step No 1 (access the e-citizen portal)

 You’ll need to access the e-citizen portal to make an online application, click here to got to the portal

  • Step No 2 (create an account or login)

Assuming you already have an account, login using your credentials or register if you don’t have one. If you’ve used the portal before i.e. to apply for driving license renewal, it’s most probable that you already have an account and don’t need to create one.

  • Step No 3 (head over to the application form)

After logging into the portal, click on ‘immigration Kenya e-Passport application form’

  • Step No 4 (Payment)

Select preferred payment method amongst, mobile money, online banking, e-citizen agents or local bank deposit. (mobile money is usually the soft spot for me)

Kenya e-Passport payment charges

  • Re-application for a lost passport is Ksh. 12, 050
  • Fee for an A 32 pages ordinary ‘A’ Series passport is Ksh. 4, 550
  • A mutilated passport, you’ll pay Ksh. 10, 050.
  • While an A 48 pages Ordinary ‘B’ Series passport is Ksh. 6, 050
  • And for an East Africa passport, you’ll part with Ksh. 990
  • A 64 pages ‘C’ Series passport will cost you Ksh. 7, 550.
  • For a diplomatic passport with 48 pages, will cost you sh. 7, 550

After you’ve paid the correct amount, proceed to step 5

  • Step No 5 (Download application form)

Confirm what you have filled in your application form then proceed to print and download. Make sure you also print 3 receipts from the application process, keep them as they’ll be required during submission.

  • Step No 6 (Finally, submit your application)

You may submit your application form in Kisumu, Mombasa, or in Nairobi at the Nyayo house

Requirements for applying e-Passport

  • Your Original National Identity Card and a photocopy
  • Your parents National Identity Cards photocopies. If they are deceased, their death certificates. If adopted, then submit your adoption certificate, which is a clearance letter from the department of children and it must be court ruling.
  • Your original birth certificate and the photocopy.
  • 3 Digital full face passport size photographs.
  • Your recommender’s National Identity Cards photocopies. and for those below the age of 18, you will need to submit a written consent from either your parent or guardian.
  • Pre-filled e-Passport application form that you downloaded / printed from the portal
  • 3 invoices/receipts. In case you are replacing, then you’ll need to provide your old passport.


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