Kenyan Start-Ups join Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Program Africa, here is how to apply for newbies

Starting a business idea in most African markets hasn’t always been a bed of roses especially for young innovative entrepreneurs that lack necessary capital to get things going. However, there’s a few avenues that start ups can utilize to mitigate challenges experienced in early businesses, and one such opportunity comes from the search giant – Google with its Launchpad Accelerator Program. Without a doubt, Google’s success story speaks volumes when it comes to the technology segment we’ve experienced in the last few decades, its therefore interesting to see the search giant unveil initiatives targeted at uplifting young entrepreneurs with access to It’s network as well as aiding them built great products.

The Launchpad Accelerator Program offers several benefits to those picked with access to vital support that may come into play when the products are first released to the market, we’re therefore excited to see two Kenyan start-ups join twelve other start-ups from Africa.

Benefits that the two Kenyan firms will receive as part of the Launchpad Accelerator Program

  • Equity-free support
  • Access to Google engineers and intensive mentoring from 20+ teams
  • Access to Silicon Valley experts and top local mentors
  • PR training and global media opportunities
  • Close partnership with Google for three months (new classes are accepted twice a year)

Kenyan Firms joining 12 other African start-ups in the Launchpad Accelerator Program

To stand a better chance of being picked for the program, start-ups needs to stand out with technological innovations expected to have a potential impact on the local community. For example the Tambua health app.

Tambua Health Inc: The Tambua App utilizes cough sound acoustic signature to diagnose tuberculosis. The app is used right on your phone and in comparison, utilizes non-invasive diagnostic tool for Tuberculosis and Pneumonia. It uses a, symptoms, risk factors and clinical information to come up with a diagnostic report.

Joining the group from Kenya is FlexPay – a start-up that allows consumers pay for items in flexible installments instead of the entire cost and Pezesha that offers financial services to borrowers, lenders and investors, other African countries are represented as well with Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Tanzania and Uganda all having start-ups included in the program

How to Apply for Google’s Launchpad Accelerator Program Africa

Start-ups can apply from the official link here


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